The ORANGE Dream

MonaLisa Twins sitting on the floor and sifting through an old 60's vinyl collection

We don’t know about you but we for the most part are disappointed with the current chart music …

Hardly anything that is aimed at our generation has ever appealed to us, so we usually find ourselves digging deeper and deeper into the past to discover music that excites. 

Age and time are strange things. Growing up, our peers would think of anything older than a few months as outdated and not interesting anymore. But we felt they are missing out on so much!

For us the Beatles kicked it all off …

It was like a magical transformation taking place. The same thing that teenagers experienced back in 1964 all over the world happened to us in 2007 when we went through our personal Beatlemania at the age of 13. Life changed drastically from then on. We found our purpose if you will.

Listening to the opening chord to “A Hard Day’s Night”, the raw and unadulterated drive of “She Loves You”, the intimate and enticing sound of “Yesterday” or the impressive orchestral cacophony of “A Day In The Life”  – even thinking about those moments sends shivers down our spines.

Our interest for music skyrocketed, and we started playing and writing music predominantly inspired by the 60’s. We wanted to continue this spirit, we wanted to write and play music that had the magic and the same impact that those classic tracks had on us.

But how?

We were born into a country (Austria) that celebrates and cultivates classical and traditional folk music and that was rather detached from the humorous, easy going 60’s spirit we associated with England or the States.

We often joke about how we must have picked our parents wisely. We were born into a family with a dad who was a musician himself and would make us fall head over heels in love with music. In addition to all of that he was running one of Austria’s most successful recording studios! We really couldn’t have chosen any better 😉

The beginning of our journey …

So together with him and our equally awesome and creative step mom Michaela, who also happened to have lots of experience in business and marketing, we made plans: How are we going to make this insane dream a reality?

9 albums, 120+ music videos, 45+ million YouTube views and a lot of blood, sweat and tears later, we have moved to live and work in the UK.

With a host of live shows in Europe, the USA and Australia, a UK tour with Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel, a recording session in Abbey Road Studios, a 2-year residency at the legendary Cavern Club (2014 – 2016), a collaboration with Woodstock legend John Sebastian (The Lovin’ Spoonful), a Glastonbury performance and collaborations with Woodstock legend John Sebastian under our belt, we can say we’ve come a long way since daydreaming about the future at the age of 13.

And we cannot help but feel very proud about the fact that we did all of it our own way! Every video we released, every song we’ve written, every album we put out, every blog post on our website and our popular MLT Membership Club comes from the collective brain juice of our small but mighty team. (Sound of Music 2.0? 🙂 )

Our values and priorities …

By no means should that come across like we don’t want or need the help of other people, but it means we’re not willing to compromise. We simply won’t give away our creative freedom or values for any short term success. We created our own label – Woolgoose Records – and were able to build this incredibly supportive, like-minded fan community with the help of Social Media and the Internet.

Yes, there were many tempting offers from “X-factor”, “Talent”, “Idol”, “Voice” and other “GFQ” (Get Famous Quick) shows but after taking a closer look we quickly realized that this path wasn’t for us.

We love the internet for making it possible to have a direct relationship with our audience. In that regard we’re terribly lucky to be alive in this day and age as that was simply not possible before. It’s so much more fun receiving feedback on our new album through our website or social media than having to wait for what self-proclaimed “authorities” write in the newspaper the next day.

It’s because of people like YOU …

Therefore it’s people like you that could make “The ORANGE dream” a reality, people who share our yearning for change in the entertainment industry, who value honesty in music and can connect with our type of song writing.

Many of you are musicians yourselves, many are into the same music as we are, many of you have grown up in the 60’s and miss the spirit from back then, while others grew up in a later decade that musically didn’t speak to them, looking for an alternative. Whichever way you came across our music, we’re glad you did!

Join the movement …

We love to share our creations for free like our many, many YouTube videos. But to sustain and expand our activities we are dependent on the help of our listeners. We often get asked how one can best support us, and the answer is simply by donations towards our music/video projects, joining the MLT Club, buying and sharing our music, purchasing our merch or getting tickets to see us at our live shows.

The ORANGE chapter  …

So if you enjoy what we do, you can head over to the shop to get our original album “ORANGE”. We’d encourage you to check out the reviews that already dropped in, because some of them are real masterpieces. We could hardly believe how much time and diligence people have put into writing them, and how so many of them are extremely spot on about our intentions with this album. 

What do you think about the “The ORANGE dream” of getting melodious and harmonious songwriting back in today’s music? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading and thanks again for listening to our tracks!

Stay groovy,
Mona & Lisa

  1. Jeffrey R Campbell 4 months ago

    So alive, so happy together, good for you… it shows
    Love your music, I am 79 years old. Keep on Truckin.

  2. Allan MacDonald 5 months ago

    Greetings from Argentina! Came across your music quite by chance on line and now I cant stop listening, your cover of I’m a Believer transported me back in time to a very special, beautiful time in my life, cant wait to hear more… thanks!

  3. Ken Stack 5 months ago

    I’m with you on the current music ( ? ) which is why I thoroughly enjoy when you two gorgeous girls do your covers of the good old rock n roll.

  4. Vince 5 months ago

    You two just ROCK! I love your renditions of the songs on your CD’s….. just ordered them…. You have certainly added fresh vitality to the songs and it’s so great you’re keeping them alive! I agree today’s music is pretty terrible, there’s just no comparison to what was happening with the Beatles the stones and so many others and what’s being created nowadays. I hope the MonaLisa Twins keep on their journey….. I think you’ll find many many many fans starting to follow you….
    Thank you so much for the great music…..keep on keeping on!

  5. Nino D’Anna 5 months ago

    You have both brought back my youth years, being Baby Boomer, all the Emotional feelings of the Era, it was a groundbreaking time for music in the 60, a few people have tried to bring those day’s back again, with some success, but you have nailed it, LockStock and Barrel. I have only just discovered you, and can’t wait to receive my CD’s ordered yesterday. Luv it.

  6. DAVID LUCK 5 months ago

    Thank you, Sincerely for reviving REAL MUSIC?

  7. Kenneth R. Ludington 5 months ago

    I am a child of the 60s, and actually some years before then. I was born in 1948 so from the late 50s on I was getting my interest in pop music of the day. I learned to play guitar in the early 60s and before I graduated in 1966, I played in a local boy band in my hometown. Rolling Stones, Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, etc was the influence of the day as well as some of the late 50s stuff that seems to never grow old. Since then, my music history is just an avid listener of the greats from the 60s. I don’t know much about any music since the 70s. I am with you when it comes to the kind of music available today and the way it is performed. You two ladies are a joy to listen to and my mind takes me on wonderful journeys back to that greatest of all musical eras. THANKS for the memories.

  8. Richard Santilli 5 months ago

    So nice to hear fresh voices to those songs. You stayed true to their sprit. i was born in 1957 and heard most of those songs when they first came out. It was a joy to hear your versions.

  9. Chris Brinkley 5 months ago

    I am a loyal Beatles fan since the beginning in the1960’s. Over the years many artists have covered their music and very few have done them justice. But you girls have nailed it. I have yet to hear one track from you that I don’t really like. You have kept the true Beatles feel to the songs but in your own unique style. Fantastic girls keep the music coming Many thanks Chris Brinkley

  10. Frank Melody 5 months ago

    In probably 1960 I was on holiday at Butlin Pwllheli In Wales, Rory Storm and the Hurricanes were playing and the girl I was with asked me to get the autograph of the drummer who was sat on edge of the stage. I went down and after a nice chat, he signed on the back of a photograph of me. Oh, his name was Ringo Starr. A few years later he was to join a group called the Beatles, and we all know what happened then. I’ve often wondered what happened to that photo. Always been a big fan of the Beatles since then. Love the CDs

  11. Norman Price 5 months ago

    Love your music and authentic 60s sound. I was in bands in the 60s as bass and later keyboard player and played many of the songs you cover with very much the same sound – it’s the Vox AC30!

    Please cover “All or Nothing” – Small Faces.
    Would love you to come to the Stables in Wavendon.

  12. Randye Gear 5 months ago

    I am a grandmother who grew up with the groups that inspired you and I loved them all. I was one of the 12 year old girls in Portland, Oregon USA screaming while watching at their concert. They were my first concert I ever went to. I have ordered two of your albums and am going to look for your others. I actually bought several copies and will be turning my grandchildren on to you. I’m also going to have my son-in-law listen to your version of Santa Baby. He’ll love it! I love you too! You two are fantastic, keep on doing what you are doing and I’ll keep following & buying.

  13. Jeffrey Graham 5 months ago

    I enjoy your music so much It takes me back to a time when life was a lot simpler for many of us, As I was a drummer in several bands and I miss that. Keep it up you are really bringing a lot of enjoyment to a lot of people.

  14. stephen William guy 5 months ago

    Just ordered cant wait
    Was born in 1954 so your music is right up my street
    Would love you to do some
    Frankie valli or buddy holly and roy orbeson tracks would buy them now

  15. Stephen Jurbala 5 months ago

    Still A Friend of Mine. I don’t know how to express what I feel about that song. The words, the tune and the singing are beautiful. Every time I watch the video it brings a tear to my eyes. It’s perfect. God bless you for doing what you do. And please keep coming out with original music. Covers are great but originals come from deep inside and that’s the best part of playing music!

  16. Ray Wright 5 months ago

    As an oldie, born 1949, may I say how much I enjoy your music, the covers and original songs. So far I have bought and listened to the live cavern double album and the Orange album. Both are fantastic, and take me back to happier days, I lived through the sixties, and actually sang in several local groups then, so you can see why I like you music so much.

  17. W Sanders 5 months ago

    Woolgoose Records!? I’d love to hear the story behind that. I’m an old fart from the fifties and love what you’re doing (BOTH your new material & reviving the old tunes in your style) & I look forward to following you and your band! Thanks for the tracks!

  18. Dave 5 months ago

    Beautiful songs brilliantly performed

  19. Marilyn Perks 6 months ago

    Love your music. Found on Facebook. The music is from my era. Do you do any concert in UK/

  20. Stephen Jurbala 6 months ago

    One of my most favorite Beatles songs is ‘I’ll Follow the Sun”. I’m 66 years old and in all of my years I’ve never seen anyone cover any Beatles song better than the original but I have to admit that I like your version better. Your voices and harmony are out of this world!!

  21. Daniel 6 months ago

    Love the orange Album you have recorded many great songs on there love the other Albums to first started listening to you when Mike sweeney was playing you on his show on bbc radio Manchester thanks Dan

  22. ian rowe 6 months ago

    As a 73 year old, the music over the last decade or more said nothing to me & as a life long BEATLES fan the moment i heard you singing : Your gonna lose that girl , i was hooked …you deserve all the success your enjoying !!! . ps, have you heard the Beatles singing : Mr Moonlight ?, its right up your street as we say in England… regards , ian.

  23. julie Whelan 6 months ago

    I LOVE The Mona Lisa Twins and KNOW THEY ARE GOING TO BE HUGH!

  24. Frank Lohmann 6 months ago

    Hello you two, I love music from the 60s and 70s and therefore your music too. I hope you make a lot of nice songs. I’m from Germany and I would like to see you live. Keep up the good work and stay healthy

  25. Rocky ?? 6 months ago

    Rocky i ♥️ your music

  26. Charles Adams 6 months ago

    What was your inspiration for using Orange as your theme? Nothing rhymes with orange and unfortunately we have a person here in the U.S. of A. who seems to relish looking like an orange (but I won’t go any further in that direction cause it tends to set some people off in a rage). Love the music though so let’s leave it at that.

  27. Pascal 7 months ago

    Merci pour vos belles et jolie voix et jolie chanson en espérant vous rencontrer pour vous écouter et discuter avec vous

  28. Pascal 7 months ago


  29. Dwyer Jones 7 months ago

    Hello from New Jersey, USA, to Mona and Lisa, from a guy old enough to have seen The Beatles’ legendary first American TV performance in February, 1964, on the Ed Sullivan Show (72 million people watched!). I watched Ringo having so much fun playing the drums that I decided I have to do this too, and I did–and I insisted on Ludwig drums like Ringo had (they’re pretty tough for road work). I even got to play once in a jam session at a university down the street from my home with a guy who performed on an album by David Peel and The Lower East Side that John Lennon produced in the early 1970s. It was called The Pope Smokes Dope.

    Your love of the beloved Beatles shows so much in the joy and beauty of your singing and playing their classic songs, as well as many other melodic, sentimental treasures from the 1960s. The early Beatles music was heavily influenced by country and western sounds–the twangy Gretch and Rickenbacher guitars, the band sound of The Shadows, and The Everly Brothers’ vocal harmonizing. The legendary Nashville guitar master Chet Atkins was an early appreciator of the Liverpool sound–in March, 1966, he put out an album of instrumentals of Beatle songs called Chet Atkins Picks On The Beatles, with liner notes written by George Harrison, who was an Atkins fan. You two might consider an album of early Beatles songs done over in country style. Imagine “She Loves You” transformed from a rocker to a slower ballad accompanied by sweet fiddles seconding the “yeah yeah yeah” chorus, for example. Have fun!

  30. Jack Eppington 7 months ago

    I think more than anything else, I (M62) am so proud of you for not going for the quick TV cash and carving out your own career as an indie band. Once you sign up with a corporation, they OWN YOU. This has been obvious for years…but some still do not understand. It’s also important to do the music you love, and my own set as a US singer/songwriter is much like yours — Beatles, other covers, and my own originals. I used to think, wow maybe The Beatles are too far into history now for the young people, but many people your age enjoy the music as much as I do! So we will all gig on! Best wishes, and love!

  31. Timothy Laird 7 months ago

    Love your music. I stumbled across it on FaceBook. Love your voices, your harmonies, your arrangements, and the overall feel of your music. I was born in 1961 and your music takes me back to a simpler time. When are you coming to the USA? I want to see you in concert. Just found your MLT website. I plan to buy some CDs next week. Can’t wait to sit down and listen to your music at length, instead of having to wait until I stumble across it again on FaceBook. You fan across the big pound. 🙂

  32. Steve Fodor 7 months ago

    your guitar picking touched my soul, as did the EAGLES’ …. some 60 years ago….. thank you…… Hotel California , and those wonderful Beatles songs.
    you two are doing great ………….

  33. David Earhart 7 months ago

    Thank you for adding joy back to music. I am also one that grew up in the 60s and 70s and I appreciate the music that had something to say. I am thankful that you have taken the time to reintroduce us to the lost gems.
    I would also be interested in DVDs of the videos that you have wonderfully created.

  34. Jean-Yves Rochefort 7 months ago

    Très belles voix. Superbes harmonies. Jeu de guitare dépouillé mais très efficace. Bravo.

  35. Frank Forbes 7 months ago

    Loved your songs girls looking forward to hearing more keep up the great work, enjoy the ride and remember if it ain’t fun it’s a job so keep the fun going, you’ve got a new fan ??????

  36. Mauro 7 months ago

    Good girls making good music looking for the greats of the past.Close to you!

  37. T. J. Phylips 7 months ago

    I love good music, any style, any decade. That’s why I refuse to listen to public radio (and some web music sites). I came across MonaLisa by accident. Crusing youtube, they popped up, I gave them a listen, and I’m glad I did. FANTASTIC music and harmonies. You have a diehard fan for life. Ya’ll keep up the great music.

  38. Kenn Rothman 8 months ago

    I was a total Beatles fan. Had all their records. both 45’s and LPs. I happened to be in New York City when “A HARD DAY’S NIGHT” hit the theaters. I went in at the 9AM showing and left after the 8PM showing! I gave my records to my son, who is now, a drummer in a Beatles tribute band. His son’s room is painted with replicas of album covers and posters and the round window on the porch door is a porthole on the Yellow Submarine. You are awesome ladies! I just joined and watch YouTube every night. Take Care and Be Safe And Healthy!

  39. Mike 8 months ago

    Having been brought up in the 60’s and growing to dislike most any music after the 80’s I started to listen to the 40’s big band music and loving it. Then I heard your music and fell in love with what you are doing. Not only are you two great vocalists but great musicians. Thank you for bringing back the Voice of my era but doing it so darn good.

  40. Gary DeLaura 8 months ago

    Just read this and, yeah, you are definitely doing what you are called to do. We were driving last week with your original cds playing and I told my wife (Cindy) that I could have bought those two albums in 1968 and would have loved the music as much then as I do now. And it’s no coincidence that it all started when you discovered the Beatles, cuz you two carry that same spirit that they had. You carry the passion of John, the song writing chops of Paul, the musicianship of George, and the backbeat and humor of Ringo. So please keep staying groovy, cuz you are filling a void in the music world!

  41. Gregory T, Collins 8 months ago

    Hi from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Actually I live in a small town called “Mars.” I was first drawn to you music by your outstanding covers of Beatles, etc. Would love to hear you cover “For No One.”

    After being drawn by the covers, I learned to really appreciate your original music. GREAT STUFF!. Thanks for bringing some joy to a a person in his seventies.

  42. John Russell 9 months ago

    I grew up listening to, and loving the Beatles, but having recently discovered you on Youtube, and purchasing a couple of your CDs, I reckon I love you just as much. Keep making your wonderful music. You make me smile whenever I see or hear you.

  43. steve davidson 9 months ago

    with harmonies only siblings can achieve why not try covering some of the songs by the Everly Brothers?

  44. Alan Goldman 9 months ago

    you sound great… love the 60’s sound!

  45. Adrian Burrell 9 months ago

    You two are fantabulous! The vocals, harmonies, the arrangements… all join together beautifully. My singing voice shredded some years ago but I still recognize talent when I hear it. You have it.

  46. Tim Kern 9 months ago

    You were 13 when you discovered The Beatles. So was I — in 1964.
    Among your songs I’ve heard, I’d say you’re as good as any sixties group in that genre, AND your artistic talents go far beyond just the music, into dimensions that didn’t exist in that time.
    I guess I would say you’re “sixties originals.” Brava, ladies!

  47. Ian Drew 9 months ago

    Love your voices, will keep listening

  48. Glenn Carter 10 months ago

    I discovered you on youtube a few weeks ago and now i,m hooked. I just added you to my pandora stations and bought volumes 2 and 3 of your beatle covers. Its been along time since i bought a cd as i already have most of the music i like from my first beatle album up through Springsteen , talking heads but the last thirty years or so there hasen’t been anything to my taste being released . I’m 65 years old so i’m not into rap or scream music if you can even call it that. So when i heard your covers of beatle songs and the other 60 s and 70 s covers you’ve done it just sounded so fresh with the great harmonys your doing , you,ve given the songs new life . Hearing those songs from the 60 over and over for fifty years although i love the music gets alittle tired and you’ve given them new life thank you and now i’m starting to get into some of your original songs which are starting to grow on me. I look forward to following you and your music and if you tour the states i’d love to come see you live sometime. Thanks

  49. Bill 10 months ago

    Great post and great music. Fans do love learning about the back stories. Rock on!

  50. Pepe OB 10 months ago

    Sencillamente me encanta como interpretais a los Grandes Maestros THE BEATLES.
    Me gustaría poderos ver en directo.
    Mereceís un buen lugar dentro del mundo de la música..
    I just love how you play the Great Masters THE BEATLES.
    I would like to be able to see you live.
    You deserve a good place in the world of music.

  51. Steven Clarke 10 months ago

    Hi ladies, during this lockdown period, I discovered your u-tube video’s. Amazing performances especially the Beatles numbers. What a refreshing change to find talented musicians, who can actually play live. I’m very impressed that you didn’t go down the get famous quick route.
    I love your work keep performing.

  52. Mark Keetley 10 months ago

    I texted you the 1st time and my mobile says there was a tech prob’ so I texted again some hrs later- anyway they both went through to you.
    My wife and friends would love to hear you sing songs from your ORANGE album at the Rescue Rooms, Nottingham. That is when CV 19 is over.
    You have what we want back youth and excitement. I’m listening to more than the Fab 4 just now xx.

  53. Thom 11 months ago

    You girls are really cool. I was a teenager in the 60’s and a fan of the British Invasion. I am also a musician and learned every Beatles and Stones song ever made. So I get where you young ladies are coming from. Very talented. Your original songs on The Orange album are great too. Very fresh and well done. Keep it up. Have you any plans to come to the U.S.?

    Stay Well.
    Peace and Love,

  54. Stephen Abrams 11 months ago

    Hi from tampa

  55. Timothy 11 months ago

    Hey,thanks for the welcome and 3 tracks to listen to.Your great so nice to hear all your covers from bands in the 60″s and 70’s.My era as I was 11 when the Beatles first came to Australia but a bit young to appreciate all that good music till a few years later.
    Great era and thanks for all the fine music.
    Hope you come down under when all the planes and us are allowed to start raveling again.I love travel and music and you two.:-)

  56. Danny Farren 11 months ago

    Hi Ladies .I actually just found out about you when You Tube played one of your Beatles covers randomly one day while I was listening to John Prine (R,I,P,).I was in my kitchen at the time and had to go into the living room to see who was performing as it sounded so good .I then typed your name in and listened to most of your tunes as was surprised to hear what a great cover you made of The Easybeats number “Monday,i’ve got Friday on my mind “one of me favourites.Since then I have been a fan and received your Christmas and Orange Album package as part of my Christmas from my daughter.I enjoy your music very much and wish you every success.It’s a pity that it may be a long time before live gigs are back but keep making music .All the very best .x

  57. Steven Kim Kensok 11 months ago

    This is one we did….

  58. Steven Kim Kensok 11 months ago

    We hope you’ve been able to meet the remaining Beatles! We’re from the 60’s, also musicians….so happy to find you guys and your great family. You’re soo GOOOOOOOD! (10,000 hours+)
    So beautiful, funny and TALENTED!!
    Your harmonies are as good as the Beatles! Great drumming, guitar, bass, etc.!…your dad is a wonderful pianist…he’s fortunate to have you 2 bless his life!!!!.
    And..We are so lucky to find you!! StevenKim ❤

  59. Bill Isenberg 11 months ago

    I feel the Orange Album is a masterpiece! Of course My favorite song is Count On Me. And the vocals, and arrangements, Strings, Guitar Riffs, Drums on each song is perfect. How cool is Club 27? The words say it all and paying tribute to Morrision, Joplin, Jones etc…is so great! Mona plays the heck out of the drums on this cut and Lisa tears up the guitar riffs. The Rolling Stones play Street Fighting Man and their live version from their 69 tour is similar to the Club 27 end with Mona and Lisa jamming away. But this Album has it all to me and I love each and every song. And to close the album with Still a Friend of Mine is so perfect and dad on the keyboard is awesome! I say it again you ladies are awesome and blessed with talent and I am so glad I found the Mona Lisa Twins and their Music!!! Thank you ladies! You ladies are the grooviest ever!

  60. Randy Springborn 11 months ago

    Found you on YouTube and couldn’t stop watching you guys it’s was like how I felt when I first saw The Beatles I was hook been putting your videos on my Facebook and showing all my friends and family how good you girls are sometimes this month I’m going to order some of your CD so I can listen to your music in my car, I live in Brandon Florida and maybe you guys can put on a concert at the Florida Fair ground it real big place all kinds of show and concert , that in Tampa Florida off of highway 301 will be there to listen to your great music that I love,

  61. Steve Hardy 11 months ago

    After seeing your posts for a number of months, and hearing various songs, I finally ordered the Orange and Beatles package. Love what you ladies have done, to bring back beautiful harmonies and arrangements to music. Yes, I did grow up with the ” British Invasion “, so I’m very appreciative of what you two have done, to bring back REAL music. I’m really enjoying the downloads, especially your original songs. Keep up the good work, and as we “freaks” used to say, back in the ’70’s,”Keep on truckin'”

  62. Mark R. Keetley 11 months ago

    The sound and clarity are excellent: You are both exceedingly talented. I even like your wit ( the monkees was a good one ). Always remember your wit and never use bad language. Do you both recall in a interview Paul was asked ” How did he find the taste of the fans ” and John interrupted and said ” He didn’t bite any “. Your both sweet and charming xx.

  63. Mike Mac Kenna 11 months ago

    I’d love to hear you do some covers from Rod Stewart, Barry Manilow, or Burt Bacharach

  64. Mark Keetley 11 months ago

    Your music is delightful and pleasing to hear: You the twins are very talented and both have wonderful voices, also your wit is charming. Paul was asked ” what did he think to the taste of the fans ” and John butted in with ” he didn’t bite any “. I liked the one about the monkeys.
    Carry on – the twins make alot of people immensely happy xx.

  65. Richard Dean 12 months ago

    I love your music, I ordered three cds From you I hope They show up soon I can’t wait to hear them. Then I’m gonna order more. Because I love you guys so much.

  66. David Petrie 12 months ago

    I just love em

  67. Peter Best 12 months ago


  68. Peter Best 12 months ago

    You bring the music full circle …Love ya twins..The John Sebastian Vid.. 60’s and early 70’s music really changed the whole music industry. The music now is really all the same.. The twins make me want to wait and see what they are going to bring next..Just like waiting for a next Beatles album, Hendix, Joplin…etc..It would always stretch your mind… Twins picked up on it and brought it back to life with a super great twist..Got me inspired again..Keep doing what other cannot.. What amazing talent !!!

  69. Sjaak Verdoolaege 12 months ago

    I like the music of Mona Lisa Twins very well…..
    I follow Mona Lisa Twins on Instagram .
    Ilove the music …. and the girls ……

  70. Alan 12 months ago

    Love to see you in Australia when this pandemic is over!

  71. Ron 12 months ago

    Have you ever done a version of “Take it Easy” by the Eagles?
    You guys would rock that song!

  72. Robert 12 months ago

    I toured with rock bands in the USA for several years. I was fan club president for the late great female rock star WENDY O WILLIAMS of the new York based rock band, THE PLASMATICS. I love your sound. just found you recently. youre truly the female version of the BEATLES. love you !!

  73. Rüdiger Sartor 1 year ago

    Seit den 60er bin ich Fenn von den Beatles und finde ihre Musik auch heute noch wunderschön. Ihre Musik ist einmalig und so freut es mich um so mehr das so zwei talentierte hübsche Damen mit einer überaus schönen und passenden Stimme diese Lieder immer noch in die Welt tragen. Eure Umsetzung der Lieder nach eurer persönlichen Note zeigt einmal mehr das so schöne Lieder auch heute noch Publizierbar sind. Man merkt euch die Begeisterung an wen ihr die Lieder auf eure Art umsetzt und interpretiert. Eure Leidenschaft zu den Liedern die ihr aussucht sei es Beatles, Pink Floyd usw. zeugen von einem großen Musikverständnis. Al dies war mir klar als ich euch das erste mal hörte. Ich war von euren Stimmen so begeistert das ich mir gleich eure 3 Beatles CD + Orange bei euch bestellt habe. Macht weiter so schöne Lieder um die Musik aus den 60ern und 70er Jahren weiter leben zu lassen.
    In diesem Sinne, bleibt gesund und weiterhin so froh und lebenslustig

  74. Tim Walker 1 year ago

    Love your music, your look, your musical integrity, your direction, and creative talent. A refuge and refreshing oasis in an industry where there are few values. Thanks, for being uncompromising and fresh as wildflowers.

  75. Ian Shingler 1 year ago

    What a breath of fresh air you really are, real music played by extremely talented musicians. Love the sound and the fact that you actually play instruments and produce the quality that you share with us. For too long the music industry in my view has been in decline, thank you so much for restoring my faith. As an avid Beatles fan I am hard to please when someone covers their music, in my humble opinion you nail it every time, just love listening to you. I also admire your determination not to sell out, and your persistence in doing things your own way. Keep up the fantastic job, and may all your dreams come true.

  76. Dave 1 year ago

    If you get the chance, book a gig in the Mendocino California area once this pandemic is behind us, enjoy the local ocean vibe while there, and let the locals get to know you, we would sure buy tickets for a performance of yours.

  77. Dave 1 year ago

    I agree todays music lacks artistry of the fab bands of the 60’s-70’s that had such good sounds, I miss it, til I found Youtube, and some classic rock bands are hiding there it seems. Pop music of today does not interest me much at all. I am 67 and can remember when the beatles first came on the scene, wow what a shakeup in the music industry, it only led to better and better groups being formed and better music for yrs. Til all of a sudden we were lacking classic rock groups they have slowly disappeared. Sure would like to see more old style classic rock bands with new music.

  78. Shirley White 1 year ago

    I’m a musicaholick. I Love the music from the 1800s, 1890s, 1020s, 1930s, 1940, and the 1950s. I LOVE Big Band era. I grew up in the 1960s music literally kept my sanity. Lived through the 1970s the best music ever. Had my kids in the 1980s where they listened to all my music. The 80s were ok. I listened to my kids music as well. Some I like and others I did not. Into the 2000s it’s hit or miss.

    It’s now 2020 my granddaughters music. I like most and some I do not.

    Y’alls music is refreshing. It speaks of life’s issues. Y’alls voices are great together.

    I bet you are great performers in real life.

    God Bless Y’all and your families. Stat safe and Father God and Jesus keep you clear from this virus.

    Shirley White

  79. Pierre Denis 1 year ago

    How would it be if you would sing Norwegian Wood

    • Richard Raighn 1 year ago

      How would you be….

  80. Paul Mitchell 1 year ago

    2 May 2020,
    Hello, you 2 lovely girls. Thanks for sending me those downloadable tracks yesterday, really enjoyed them, I found you originally on Y/Tube, singing “San Francisco” and absolutely loved it. I will eventually have all of your CD’s in my collection, as I have ordered “California Dreaming”, which has the track on it.
    Been listening to some of your Beatles covers, as I grew up on their music. Keep up the great work,
    Paul Mitchell

  81. Barnier 1 year ago

    i Have Discover ed you recently because i love thé Fab Four since a long time , i lové thé music old SCHOOL go on on this way
    See you
    Henri Barnier

  82. David 1 year ago

    Are you planning any dates in the US once COVID is done?

  83. Kevin Larkin 1 year ago

    Simply brilliant is my way of describing your music….Refreshing, young, vibrant and above all interesting how you tackle copies of Beatles songs….Love your original music also!!! Keep up the great work!!!

  84. Gav 1 year ago

    Hey girls, Absolutely love who you are, what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and why you’re doing it. Music is made up of every emotion and more, full of dark corners and open spaces illuminated by the colour spectrum and propelled by the many vibes.
    Thanks for bringing some orange into my life and having the courage to stand by you’re beliefs and aspirations. It’s tough times these days where a lot of us expect immediacy in everything and to feel continually fulfilled, successful and loved by everyone just cause we want it. To live a life where disappointment due to skin deep values dominate is just too sad.
    Huge kudos to your parents and yourselves for taking the path you have and yes many of us are or have been on a similar path for years but you present it to the world way better than most of us can.
    I’m now off to buy myself an orange record (Lp) !!

  85. Thom 1 year ago

    You’re touching my eternal inner core of how I approached music since back in long-ago days having owned my first real hifi … just: thank you. The only pity, maybe, I discovered you too late – but I guess I can catch up 🙂

  86. Michael Terrio 1 year ago

    Beautiful girls playing beautiful music.

  87. Lyle 1 year ago

    Angels form heaven are beautiful loving everything I have heard is great.
    Dear Prudence by The Beatles would set well with what y’all are doing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????????

  88. Ricardo 1 year ago

    Hi muy dejar friends I think you are The best players i can ser un The world so justo go on i al wating forma you

  89. Ricardo 1 year ago

    Hi muy dejar friends only I can say you are The best young players and I think you are only one best girls I send muy love and respecto thanks

  90. Mike Jones 1 year ago

    I loved reading your story and congratulate you both on sticking to your guns and doing what YOU want to do rather than what your agent thinks you should be doing. I was a teenager in the 60s so I was brought up on pop music of the 1960s and for me it was the best. No pop music since, except perhaps Queen, has come anywhere near it in terms of sheer enjoyment. I have ordered your Orange album and can’t wait to get it. I think your voices blend beautifully and you are clearly great instrumentalists. Have you ever covered and Beach Boys songs ? I can “hear” you singing some of Brian Wilson’s love songs. I live near Oxford and hope that one day when this lock-down is over I will be able to come and hear you live. Wishing you every success in your musical endeavours.

  91. Massimo Franciotti 1 year ago

    you’re great!! sincere congratulations!!

  92. Douglas Chunovich 1 year ago

    Thanks for your music and wonderful attitude! Love it!

  93. Charlie Cogo 1 year ago

    Awesomw harmonies. Great songs from my era. Well done ladies.

  94. George Kirkwood 1 year ago

    I totally agree with your comments about the current offerings from some current artistes and other TV ‘talent shows’, which I do not watch because they are so negative. I am one of those who thought 60’s music would not suit female voices but since listening to MLT covers I am pleasantly suprised by your range and output and have become a firm fan who always looks for your next Youtube posting. I wish both of you happiness and every success.

  95. Lars-Inge Harryson 1 year ago

    I think you two are doing a great job – taking my youst music into 2020?
    I’m 66 jersey old,and a lefty bassplayer so if you need a ” newPaul”, just contact me!?

  96. Milann Ruddy 1 year ago

    It was late at night before bed and i came across one of your posts of the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I knew and had heard nothing about you two and yes since then have listed to a few of your songs. I am a singer yet never made it, came so close many times but I love supporting artists like you. I have so much more to tell you but I mainly want to support you. Somehow I feel connected to you, even though I am a gramma. Your music is beautiful, pure voices and straight forward yet complex harmonies. It touched my soul.

    Thank you,

  97. José Antonio 1 year ago

    Sou do Brasil e gosto demais do trabalho de vocês desde que assisti ao vídeo de San Francisco. Depois descobri vocês tocando Beatles e acabei ficando mais fá ainda. Parabéns pelo ótimo trabalho. Quero saber cada vez mais a respeito do que estão fazendo, principalmente Orange. Sucesso para vocês, MLT. Abraços.

  98. Bart 1 year ago

    Hi Mona and Lisa….you are so talented, unique and lovely! If you ever come to the USA in the future, check out the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains around Asheville, NC and The Orange Peel venue….maybe book a gig! Stay groovy and thanks!

  99. Jerry Cooper 1 year ago

    Your music is so refreshing and fun. Fun, isn’t, that’s what music is supposed to be. You’ve got it figured out. I’m not happy with today’s manufactured musicians and groups. Growing up, I read everything I could find about the Beatles. Generosity helping other musicians get started.

    Several years ago, my wife and I went to a sold out Paul McCartney concert in Philadelphia. His people passed out, free, beautiful programs. Parking lot was packed with thousands of tailgaters. Paul’s people passed out free programs to them as well. His emotional and financial support during our 9-11 tragedy, unbelievable. He is truly a citizen of the world. We are all blessed to share our lives with this amazing man.. Thank you for helping keep his, John, George and Ringo’s music alive.

  100. David Knotts 1 year ago

    I found your videos on YouTube. Fell in love with your voice’s. The way you both play guitar is beautiful. I became a instance fan. Yes I am ordering your album’s. I hope to see you in concert the next time you tour the United States. Peace and Love.

  101. Ian Buchanan 1 year ago

    Great videos to accompany great covers of
    Beatle songs. I agree current music sucks. It has done for years now with only the occasional good one coming through. I’d like to know if you plan to gig in Edinburgh at any time? Thanks and keep posting on You Tube please. ?

  102. Steven Page 1 year ago

    Your work is amazing. I wish you all the best. I grew up on the music you love and respect.

  103. Marco Antonio Sampaio Calado 1 year ago

    You are wonderfull. I’ve been looking for contemporary interpreters of good songs from my time for a long time. it’s only now that I met you, Molalisa Twins. Sorry not to speak English. Helped by Google.

  104. Alan Davis 1 year ago

    I was born into a musical family. My Dad and his brother played in a 30’s Dance Band in London, UK. My Mum and my Dad’s sister both played piano though not professionally. My Dad played Trumpet and drums, and my uncle played Sax. I never took up a musical instrument, but lived for the popular music of the late 50’s and on. I think I can recognize good music and musical talent, and am always willing to support it.

  105. Albert 1 year ago

    Ciao! I’m Italian and we all love you!

  106. George Duncan 1 year ago

    I cannot say it enough.. You young ladies have it all.. The Talent. The knowledge that the music today does not in any way reach the quality of the music of the 60’s etc etc.. You know what you’re talking about and are bringing all of this knowledge and talent right to our doorstep!! Hope to see you in concert soon here in Scotland.. I am a Compere at so many of the Jazz Festivals over the UK / Ronnie Scott’s etc.. And have worked with so many artists from Jools Holland to ManhattenTransfer etc etc and would be happy to offer my services, at no charge of course… I wish you all the success that’s coming your way. Regards George XX

    • Maurice 1 year ago

      ? Totally agree with your comments. Your support and generosity towards these two unique and talented ladies is an inspiration. I live near Edinburgh and would definitely go to see MLT if they ever came to Scotland.

  107. Ken Dixson 1 year ago

    Hey girls, I’m an old guy. I get recommendations since I have been following Sina. My first time I saw you two was the collaboration with the Africa song. I saw that you all play so I subscribed to your you tube page. Got caught up with your stuff. I love live performances cause it shows me a lot. I used to play big band and was trained as a classical trumpet player. How I wished I had technology like today. Lol I drive truck now in the US and take care of my wife of 41 years marriage in February. I really enjoy your enthusiasm and love of the music. I sent Cousin Brucie a email recommendation to interview you both on his show on XM. You both help keep the music alive. I wish only the best for you 2 and stay safe. Guess this tells you all who I am.

  108. Roger Penn 1 year ago

    I’m in love with you both and everything you’re doing. What a treasure! Not everything today sucks, just most of what’s considered “popular” music. But then again the consumers of said music are listening to it on cell phone speakers and thinking it’s fabulous so what do they know? Everything you do sounds sublime. So much talent! Thank you so much for persevering and sharing it with us!

  109. Howard Thomas 1 year ago

    Your just fab ?????

  110. Brian C. Morrison 1 year ago

    LOVE IT…ALWAYS room for campy fun over the airwaves! BLESS YOU AND YOURS, Bri

  111. Brian C. Morrison 1 year ago

    TERRIFIC job on Orange…only other person who’s done it big and brassy…Nellie Mckay… at age 60, believe me, I get it…AGREE 100% the effect the Fab Four had on you, and me as well…I remember Xmas of ’65 when “Rubber Soul” was released…BLESS YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES…Love, your friend Bri from The United States of THROW THE BUM OUT IN NOVEMBER…

  112. Larry 1 year ago

    1960’s was my time when it comes to music. I lived through that period when the Beatles came over and that started the British Invasion. You girls have embraced that music and have done a wonderful job bringing back those songs and that sound and you also embed that that sound into your originals. Keep on doing it.

  113. Robert Miller 1 year ago

    Love your music and talent! Please release an album of your own music, and release it on ITUNES. If you come back to the U.S., please come to San Diego.

  114. Michael Rieger 1 year ago

    Please do Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows”!

    • Gert Just Jensen 1 year ago

      Just go through their videos. They did a great cover of that song a long time ago

  115. Michael Rieger 1 year ago

    Have you two beautiful voices ever considered doing a cover of the Brian Wilson classic “God Only Knows”? I would love to hear your spin on it!

    • Jacki Hopper 1 year ago

      Yes, as Gert states, checkout their version, in fact, many MLT fans became MLT fans because of that song?????

      • Michael Rieger 1 year ago

        I just viewed the cover of Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows”. I am speechless. It brought tears to my eyes!

      • Jung Roe 1 year ago

        Oh Brian would be proud of Mona and Lisa’s beautiful version!

  116. John Hitz 1 year ago

    I’m sure that many of us who were born in the 1950s feel uncomfortably detached from post-90s rock music. It’s amazing to me how “evergreen” the 60s music is, and I love the sensitivity you bring to it all. I bet the Beatles BBC sessions were quite a delightful discovery when you were starting out, huh? Glad you chose to include “World Without Love” btw, as I sometimes feel that’s what we’re stuck with in these paranoid times. And I dig the complementary guitar parts in “Time of the Season”, those are just 2 of my faves?. And the Christmas cd, it’s wonderful. Cheers! John Hitz

  117. Gordon Gidluck 1 year ago

    Keep doing what you are doing! I am so impressed with your music! All the best!

  118. Dave Kirk 1 year ago

    Keep it up ladies this music is superb

    Dave Kirk


  119. Dave Kirk 1 year ago

    once again you have done a super job on it.keep your excellent music going
    Dave kirk

  120. Flojo 1 year ago

    I am thrilled that you have chosen the Beatles music. I have been a fan since I was 11, when the Beatles became famous. I never tire of hearing their music (prefer early stuff), and your harmony does them proud. Keep up your enthusiasm and keep turning out the music. Love it!

  121. Jack Thompson 1 year ago

    Just bought album

  122. Jack Thompson 1 year ago

    Awesome music girls

  123. John Mindenhall 1 year ago

    I am 67 not the young fan you are looking for but have enjoyed your music. What I love is that you are enjoying performing which can be seen in your faces. And love the guitars and your playing. What make is that lead guitar and what other brands are you using. Listening to music through the years has been exciting .Been influenced by the 30s,40s,50s,60s,70s. A lot of chart music today does not touch the emotions of the heart where there should be life,fun, romance, a broken heart or maybe a message. Mona and Lisa please don’t lose that joy and excitement you have in your music. One of great things of living in the 50s,60s,70s was that life was simple especially in Cairns ,Queensland,Australia when there was no smart phones, no net, no tv early in my years but we had radio and we got excited about the new hit songs coming next. And sometimes buy the vinyl record of that song. You are doing well. God bless you both and the band. John.

  124. John Leonard 1 year ago

    i found your music by looking for Beatles covers on u tube. first saw “drive my car” and loved it. that song made me look for more of your music and led me to your web site.
    i purchased beatles vol 2 and orange but for some reason i never listened to them for about 6 months. i drive at night so have a lot of time and decided to finally listen to orange. i loved it. it is just the type of music i love. the songs are original but a tribute the to the energy of the 60’s. i find my self listening to your songs , originals and covers all the time. you are both great musicians and i think lisa’s guitar playing is especially good.
    i have since purchased your christmas cd and really like “all i want christmas to be”. your interpretation of traditional christmas songs is refreshing.
    i look forward to any thing new.

  125. Philip Cantrell 1 year ago

    I have just bought your Christmas Album (physical and download) it was delivered today and look forward to listening it, being born in 1951 I was brought up listening to 50’s and 60’s music which I still prefer, I love your Beatles covers and some of which are in my opinion better than the originals, you always seem to be enjoying yourselves which seems to be missing in some of the musicians today, keep doing what you enjoy, looking forward to more releases from yourselves.

  126. jean 2 years ago

    I’f only I could be your drummer (and lead or back-up vocal)

  127. Gert Just Jensen 2 years ago

    I agree about modern music, or maybe i should devide that answer into two, because the music on the charts today is mostly horrible, and so lacking of inventiveness, it`s depressing, and if i`m listening to the radio at work i often go: If i hear that drum machine with that same rhytm in one more song, i`ll scream, but there is great music and artists outhere, today they`re just on youtube instead of in the charts, that`s how i found you way back. A little fun fact, it was actually the song Alone that made me subscribe, i would have anyway, because you sounded great, but the main focus for me has always been good songs with good lyrics, I think i remember Lisa once saying she was embarrased by it, and ok, it`s not a great song, but it showed even at that young age, a talent for putting a song together, and i`m so glad i subbed, because your growth as songwriters since then has been amazing. Songs like The WWL, Still A Friend Of Mine, Count On Me and In It For love, just to mention a few, matches what the greats back then, like Beatles, Dylan, Cat Stevens and Paul Simon did. It`s a pity that young people don`t get much of a chance to hear it, because when they do hear it, most of them like it. As you know i teach guitar, and uses a lot of 60`s songs, and 5-6 of yours too, and they always go down well. No matter what the dj`s play, i think there`ll always be an audience and a future for good songwriters

  128. Greg 2 years ago

    Hi Mona and Lisa, I absolutely love what you are doing (I’m a new fan of only a couple days). You both are so talented, funny and beautiful! I had my Beatlemania in the early 80s. The two double vinyls blue and red (62-66 and 67-70). Are you familiar with these? I think I wore them out playing them over and over with my BIG headphones on laying on the floor for hours. I hope you come to the United States (Nebraska / Huskers) soon! Keep it up and I will do what I can to support you as described above.
    Your new HUGE fan!

  129. Leandro Lopes 2 years ago

    Wonderful!!!!! Brazil ??

  130. Antonio 2 years ago

    Nice. You guys are talented. They sing very well, have a beautiful voice and make a perfect duet. And I really enjoy seeing and listening to you singing, in a cheerful and relaxed way.

  131. Ivan 2 years ago

    E’ emozionante sentire 2 ragazze così giovani suonare le musiche dei miei tempi. complimenti siete bravissime. Ivanf49

  132. Wayne Strelecki 2 years ago

    You guys(girls) are fabulous. Not mention cute and talented. Keep up up the great music!

  133. Baz 2 years ago

    Saw your version of The Beatles, Drive my car. Brilliant! Inspired me to find out more. Fantastic – keep going – love your sound. Manchester UK

  134. Gary Wood 2 years ago

    You’re both the greatest ever and not only very talented but very beautiful with great personalities also . Thanks a lot. Gary Wood from shawnigan lake bc Canada

  135. Sergio 2 years ago

    You are beautiful!!! Please, play “NO MATTER WHAT” – Badfinger

  136. Jack Peppers 2 years ago

    I write a lot of songs myself on old guild guitars (acoustic)than damn myself cause their so old school but lately ive been happy bout the fact some people can tell that old
    School really not bad.I m not the beatles more of Townes van Sant meets leadbelly

  137. George Henderson 2 years ago

    Hi Girls, My Beatles revelation was in 1978 when I was 16, ‘Live at the Hollywood Bowl’ being 1st album I’d bought, I liked punk after a fashion, but contemporary bands of time The Stranglers & The Jam, mainly the latter were my taste of the ‘newer bands then’. Beatle music gradually took over tho, eventually gathering all available material. Sadly as the years progressed & time & life took it’s toll, I lost all interest in music, ‘modern styles’ are hard to warm too, repetitive, frankly boring. I have to thank you both, as happening upon one of your videos ‘Drive My Car’ was a joy for me, heard nothing like it, sent me looking for more & I wasn’t disappointed, you’ve piqued my interest in music again, might even dig my strat out of the attic…lol. Keep doing what you do bringing joy thru your music & personalities, I wish you well & sincerely hope the recognition you so richly deserve is quickly forthcoming

  138. Leslie 2 years ago

    I’m so excited for you!! I grew up in showbusiness in Manhattan, NYC (my mom was an actress) and I used to sing John Sebastian’s The Room Nobody Lives In for my auditions. I also loved She’s A Lady!! I’m going to check out your tour schedule. Maybe you’ll come to Santa Fe, NM?

  139. Kari Krekel 2 years ago

    Hi ML Twins. You guys are fantastic. I want to tell you about a music festival that takes place every summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It’s called Summerfest and it’s billed as the biggest music festival on the planet. It really is, they’re not exaggerating. Please try to Google it . . . It will give you a lot more info. This would be a perfect gig for you. Email me if you have any other questions. The Midwest in summer is a fantastic place to visit!! Keep on doing what you do Mona and Lisa. Maybe I’ll see you this summer? I’ll be in the orange shorts. Kari Krekel

  140. Kari Krekel 2 years ago

    Hi MLT, You guys are amazing! I just discovered you on youtube this past weekend. I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is in the Midwest USA. Milwaukee puts on a huge music festival every summer (late June, early July). There are a variety of venues, and so many stages. . .I know they would find the perfect one for you. It’s called Summerfest and it is billed as the biggest music festival on the planet. Google it, it will show you more of what it’s all about. If you’re considering coming to the States anytime this summer, THIS WOULD BE A GREAT GIG FOR YOU! Shoot me an email if you want any other info. Love you guys, Kari

  141. Louie De Mayo 2 years ago

    Simply put – a great take on already great music. Incredibly refreshing. As a musician myself I can appreciate the hard work you must put in to make your sound unique. Come & tour USA!!!!

  142. Michael 2 years ago

    I enjoy your fresh takes on great music. I look forward to seeing you grow and progress in your career. Good luck on your journey!

  143. Vince DeLucia 2 years ago

    Hello MonaLisa…it is natural for someone my age to admire your sound. I, too, have been a musician for quite a long time and it is only predictable that I would gravitate towards your musical journey. You seem to have captured the spark of an era. Yes, the current music of “today” leaves a lot to be desired. I am still active on my local music scene in New England, USA. My band THE BOXCAR KINGS are (and will have some new music up) on YOUTUBE. When younger people pay homage to the music of my generation (and do it so well) it is only natural to become a fan.

  144. Guillermo 2 years ago

    Verdaderamente estoy mas que feliz haberlas encontrado en mis busquedas continuas de buena musica por youtube, alli las descubri una noche en la que sentia ganas de volver a escuchar un poco de los beatles, y de pronto se hizo la luz al ver este material que lo hacen con tanta emocion y cariño dedicada a la buena musica. Si coincido con ustedes en que la nueva generacion no ha tenido el privilegio que hemos tenido nosotros yo con mis 59 años he podido disfrutar de esa buena musica que hasta hoy es y sera incomparable con estas epocas. Mis felicitaciones chicas, son unas genias al ejecutar esos instrumentos y vocalizar esos bellos temas que me llevan al pasado maravilloso de una musica que no debe perderse en los tiempos.Desde argentina un abrazo enorme y muchos exitossss. guillermo

    Google Translate:
    I’m really more than happy to have found them in my continuous searches for good music on YouTube, I discovered them there one night when I felt like listening to a bit of Beatles again, and suddenly the light came when I saw this material. They do it with so much emotion and affection dedicated to good music. I agree with you that the new generation has not had the privilege that we have had. I, with my 59 years, have been able to enjoy that good music that until today is and will be incomparable with these times. My congratulations girls, they are geniuses when executing those instruments and vocalizing those beautiful songs that take me to the wonderful past of a music that should not be lost in the times. From Argentina a huge hug and many successsss.

  145. Joseph Paul 2 years ago

    I stumbled upon you gals while walking along the Facebook Highway. What a treat and a thrill to hear the two of you. I saw A Hard Days Night when I was thirteen years old. My world perspective changed. Here were these lads from Liverpool giving us the greatest music, while they had fun doing it. Now I see the MonaLisa Twins giving it to us again. I’m looking forward to original releases that will wow the world. Can’t wait. Rock On!! And, be true to the music.

  146. Jim Dougherty 2 years ago

    You girls are truly gifted, you need to come to the states and continue your musical dreams! Don’t change your style or your music both are winners ,please have your agent contact me and I will help with some possible promotion for you young ladies, I also have some family roots in your native Austria, God Bless!

  147. Linda 2 years ago

    I too I’m a huge Beatle fan. In fact, I actually saw them live in concert in Seattle, August of 1964. I love your music and looking forward to listening to your new Orange album. Rock on, sisters❣️

  148. Mitsuho 2 years ago

    Hi from Japan! I find your sounds very nice. I play also oldies from the late 50’s and early 60’s with my old high school friends (we are all close to 70) in a band. I find your voices and guitar play very nice and like to hear you continue in this music direction. We play also lots of Beatles in our band, but, I like the sound of your band better than ours.

  149. Baie 2 years ago

    I can’t stand the current music/songs on American and Canadian charts, and most people I know feel the same way. It’s almost impossible to find NEW music that is great, that sinks its talons into your soul, snags your emotions and yanks them out of you.

    Every now and then there will be a gem (ie., Gin Wigmore, Elle King) but I find that after their awesome debut albums, they join a major label which then over-produces the sh*t out of any new music, basically turning delicious organic food, into the same processed garbage that’s out there.

    The problem is that very few “artists” really play and sing anymore (which is why I’m such a fan of MLT). It’s all autotune and digital” instruments” (software).

    People don’t even realize what’s wrong with today’s music, they just know it’s awful. But we’re fed a diet of processed music these days, which is complete and total garbage that holds no nutritional value for the soul.

    I love the old stuff because it’s packed with real ‘nutrition’ for the soul; it’s organic and pure. As much as I do love the older music though, I very much crave to hear NEW music, I just want it to be ‘nutritional’ instead of the processed crap that’s on the charts. releasing.

    • Jung Roe 2 years ago

      Agree. Music industry and Record labels are the Borg. They try to take creative young artists and assimilate them into creating processed music they feel will maximize their $$$ investment. If you don’t comply they treat you like outcasts. Fortunately resistance is NOT futile. This video about modern music industry I found insightful.

    • Howard Bedwell 2 years ago

      “I very much crave to hear NEW music, I just want it to be ‘nutritional’ instead of the processed crap that’s on the charts”. Well you’ve certainly come to the right place Baie! You can’t go wrong with MLT’s original material.

  150. Dennis 2 years ago

    I like new groups. Anyone who plays guitar and plays well impresses me I started playing guitar in 1969. Most of my friends listen to the same old groups from the 60-70 . They are trapped in time. Keep exploring like you do.

  151. Robert Kleijn 2 years ago

    I love your music as I listen to it on YouTube. Having been a busker and performed in a pub in the mid eighties I know what it feels like. For me it was to bring happiness to people. I hope that all you records will be on vinyl soon as I live to play vinyl rather than CDs. Your own original music also is very much Beatles like in sound. Keep it up.

  152. Ted Lazo 2 years ago

    I play acoustic guitar and sing with friends, and I love what my kids call “old-man rock&roll”! I’m a sucker for good harmony, which is why I find y’all so wonderland refreshing! Beatles, Eagles, ELO, Train, Matchbox 20, etc are my thing. So thanks for doing what you do. I also recommend Josh Turner and “the Other Favorates”!

    Finally, I’m working to open a music pub (Rhythm&Brews-Paris) and hope next year to be in a position to invite y’all to do a show in Paris!

  153. Bob 2 years ago

    For me, also, it all started with The Beatles. I live in the southern U.S. I was a teenager in the sixties and grew up with The Beatles and the southern rock movement of the early seventies. I played brass instruments when I was younger and still like to play my guitars, though only to entertain myself. I discovered MonaLisa Twins searching for Beatle Covers on You Tube. So many songs in the U.S. is built around some catch phrase or cliche that its good to hear songs written about things you care about again. Hope the girls will be visiting the States some time soon.

  154. Bruce Stevenson 2 years ago

    Perhaps it’s because I grew up in the sixties and early seventies that I have fallen in love with your music, both covers and originals. When I first listened to the Orange album, I had already heard That’s Life and Still a Friend of Mine – love both of those – but, when I heard Close to You, I was immediately transported back to a time when music was lyrical, diverse and meaningful! After a full life of being a rock musician, a classical musician, a composer and song writer, I can tell you that you two are a bright spot in my musical life! I wish the greatest success and happiness! Thanks for sharing your unique vision of what popular music can be – even in this day and time.

  155. Joe Gatt 2 years ago

    I came across your version of IF I FELL
    Wow, that was it. After that I watched about 15 of your you tube videos.
    I’m hooked. I will come to you next gig in London. You are both very talented and gorgeous. I will check your Orange album soon. Much love, and thank you for the music. xxx

  156. Bill Vogel 2 years ago

    Very excited for this news I think it’s a great idea

  157. Roger Smith 2 years ago

    So love your music! What a breath of fresh air! I too am asking that question about an American tour. . . There’s a great little venue in Portland Oregon called The Aladdin, would be a wonderful place to hear you perform! Thank you again for the wonderful music and the smiles you bring!

  158. Mike 2 years ago

    I love your voices and the way you blend them, the way you have of refreshing the old hits with awesome accuracy yet infusing them with your own special talents. It’s clear you are covering the with honesty and truth. But still absorbing them and giving them back las re-made offerings! Keep ‘em coming!!

  159. Ray 2 years ago

    I was playing music in the 60-70’s. When I listened to You two play revolution I had to get my bass out. Your dad will understand…..Told the wife that is a bands song. Strong beat and you have fun playing it.

  160. Tony Salinas 2 years ago

    You gals ROCK! Found you via The Zombies, Fan Club FaceBook Site. I couldn’t be happier with your cover of their song, Time of the Season. And your version of Scott McKenzie’ San Francisco sends me right back to the 60s. So I just ordered your new Orange Album & Beatles Covers, both are wickedly good. Stay FAB & continue to make great music. T

  161. luiz ayres 2 years ago

    First of all I would like to say that you are amazing singers…..and I love yours sense of humor and the good energy that I received from you, when I see your videos!!!…..congrats girls……I live im Brasil…..and I have been trying to speak english for a long time (without success)…..and I want to know if are you planning to make a journey in my country?…….kisses and hugs from Brasil

    • wilson 2 years ago

      As you, I deeply hope that one day they come to Brasil for a tour, and if it really happens, I will do anything to see them wherever they were, here in Salvador, or in any other Brasil’s cities. But, my dream is to see them in London where I had been for three months in 2018 and forgot to check if they were on tour. Well, let’s see, and let’s hope that GOD listen our prays and make them planning a tour over here.

  162. Luis Fabian 2 years ago

    I love you girls, I found you searching Beatles song and you appeared haha, and since then I become your incondicional fan. I would suggest a song for you, “Till there was you” is a song make or you, sweet and fresh like you. Regards.

  163. Josh Sunshine 2 years ago

    Love your music!!!!!!! Listen on way to work and back!!!! Are you ever coming to Cleveland,Ohio?

  164. Josh Sunshine 2 years ago

    Love your music!!!!!Listen in the car when I go to work and from work . Love your sound !!! Also Love the Beatles. Traveled to Liverpool this summer to see their birthplaces, the casba , etc, etc, Keep doing what you are doing!!!Are you ever going to be in Cleveland, Ohio?

  165. Martial 2 years ago

    Bonjour à vous, je suis du Québec et je partage entièrement votre position sur la musique d’aujourd’hui. Bien qu’il y ait encore des super chansons qui sont composé, les mélodies d’autres chansons sont nul voir même exaspérante. J’adore votre style et j’écoute souvent votre musique. Bonne continuité.

    [Google Translate:
    Hello to you, I am from Quebec and I fully share your position on today’s music. Although there are still some great songs that are composed, the melodies of other songs are naught or even infuriating. I love your style and I often listen to your music. Good continuity.]

  166. Taco Van Popta 3 years ago

    I am one of the older generation. I,m so glad i discoverd your music. Especialy Beatles covers !

  167. Dan 3 years ago

    When are you coming to America???????

  168. Ross 3 years ago

    Greetings from Australia. I am old enough to remember when The Beatles were in the charts.
    I love your “Bus Stop”
    All the luck in The World to you both.
    Cheers, Ross.

  169. Tony 3 years ago

    Hey MLT,You guys are the best,I hadnt heard about you until about 12mths ago whilst watching Foxtel a show came on which i cant remember the name right now but it was a 30 min show with bands foing covers of well known bands eg The Eagles cover band,then at the start of the dhow one day the hosts of the show said we have a treat at the end of the show for all you Beatles fans + then it was you guys doing 3 ×Beatles covers,+thats when i started to look into who you guys were,+the rest they say is history,I live in Perth,Western Australia,Would love you guys even more if you guys toured here one day,maybe ?? But love what you guys do,love your harmonies love the songs you do,so keep them tunes coming,Love you guys to bits,Cheers Tony

  170. Trevor Cozens 3 years ago

    Keep up the great music girls.

  171. John 3 years ago

    Great sound! I absolutely love it

  172. gary 3 years ago

    I love the new orange. Heck i don’t think you two can do anything bad THANK YOU.

  173. gary 3 years ago

    Please don’t stop doing what your doing. you and the music are awesome. I agree todays music is so so. i just found out about you lady’s a month ago and have been hooked since. I love love the old’es. i watch your video’s daily .i love to watch two beautiful young lady’s perform. You have fan forever . Thank you very very much.

  174. Manuel Perez 3 years ago

    hello, im spanish and english is very basic and bad, but i try, beautiful girls with beautiful voices, im in love, great great job i wish you the best for you, im a little guitarrist i know some chords and like sing, but never you do, jjjjj, millions of kisses for you, congratulatoons for your music

  175. M 3 years ago


  176. Cédric 3 years ago

    You are fantastic!
    two twin lights in this disenchanted musical universe.
    thank you very much
    A french fan

  177. Victor Egorov 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot for your The Beatles music’s covers! Especially for heartwarming version of While my guitar gently weeps.

  178. Rinat Rinat 3 years ago

    Hey. I like the performance of the song “This Boy” in your performance. Such a sad, moody mood of the past. Very beautiful song. I wish you all the best. A lot of good songs.

  179. Markus Schicht 3 years ago

    Ihr seid ziemlich genial! Kommt Ihr mal nach Salzburg? Schönen Gruß von dort 🙂

  180. Steve Crider 3 years ago

    I couldn’t agree more regarding today’s music and I use that term loosely. Most of what they call “music” today is pure rubbish in my opinion. The 60’s ruled musically. You two remind us of what music should be with your original work and the songs you choose to cover. It will be a sad, sad day if MLT decide to call it quits but I don’t see that happening in my lifetime (now there’s an advantage of being old enough to retire). So keep up the great work you two are doing and while you’re busy Waiting For the Waiter, I’ll be waiting on your next original or cover. Stay safe, keep your heads straight and never forget your humble beginnings and the blessings you were given both musically and with parents that supported your dream. You two are loved by all of your fans.

    • REGIS THALHEIMER 2 years ago

      Love your way to be and play so tastefully the rich, beautiful songs from 60’s.
      You’re giving to tradition the quality and spirit it deserves. Talented and blessed nice girls !
      Please: make another version from Hollies ‘Bus Stop’.
      Hugs from Brazil

  181. Gernot Semmer 3 years ago

    Hi Mona, hi Lisa!
    I love what you are doing, how you are doing and what you’ve reached so far. Keep on going, keep on rocking. I personally love “Count on me” from the Orange album most, bec. it “opens” slowly like a tender blossom to the end of the song.

  182. Fernando Escasany 3 years ago

    Siempre estoy buscando covers de temas que superen el original. Soy fan de las instrumentaciones y los arreglos. El tema “Still A Friend Of Mine” me parece una de las composiciones más lindas que he escuchado.
    He estado en Londres, en Edimburgo y en Liverpool. Tuve la suerte de estar en muchos de los sitios en los que ustedes se presentaron a cantar como “The Cavern”.
    A mi en lo particular me gusta la música que va desde 1964 a 1969 porque es (creo yo) donde se produce un “brainstorming” de composiciones melódicas y originales que perdurarán por muchas décadas más interpretadas por otras bandas y con otros arreglos.
    Mis felicitaciones a las 2. Van por buen camino y las sigo en vuestro canal.
    I’m always looking for cover songs that go beyond the original. I’m a fan of instrumentation and arrangements. The song “Still A Friend Of Mine” seems to me to be one of the most beautiful compositions I have ever heard.
    I’ve been to London, Edimburgh and Liverpool. I was fortunate to be in many of the places where you performed as “The Cavern”.
    I particularly like the music that goes from 1964 to 1969 because it is (I think) where there is a brainstorming of melodic and original compositions that will last for many decades more performed by other bands and with other arrangements.
    My congratulations at both of you. They’re on the right way and I’m following on your channel.

  183. Michael Blankenheim 3 years ago

    Regarding the MonaLisa Twins new “Still a Friend of Mine” ORANGE vid, my own words can’t describe it. Instead, from poet John Keats: “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: Its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep…”

  184. Michael Hill 3 years ago

    It’s great hearing music from the 60s again. The things they play today just don’t stick with you. It’s great hearing new versions of the old songs that you ladies do. They get into your head and your heart, not like the guitar bashing of today. Someday I would really love to hear you Ladies play, Johnny Rivers, Summer Rain. Today I turned 63 and hearing you two Girls play the oldies, with all your enthusiasm, and your lovely eyes and smiles. Takes me back to a Time when life was simple, when all you needed in life is a frisbee, a joint, and the music you two Ladies are bringing back to life. Thank you so much. Your truly amazing with all you do.

  185. Michael Blankenheim 3 years ago

    New MLT self-description from their Twitter: “Music-making twins that decided that the world needs a lot more orange and a lot less clockwork!” Absolutely correct. Damn TOO MUCH clockwork, not enough orange.

  186. Johoan 3 years ago

    Just found out about you. Really nice that someone picks up this music style and write new songs.
    You also play covers with great respect for the original songs. Great work!!
    Beeing an old Beatles fan it really reaches my heart.
    When can we expect to see you in Sweden or Denmark?
    I’d book a ticket (to ride) immediately!! ????

    Best Regards and hope to see you soon in a theatre near me!!

    Johan /Landskrona, Sweden.

  187. Yvon Dumais 3 years ago

    I just received my first purchase (2 cd) in a package with little touches. fantastic. I love you girls. I ordererd 2 others .

  188. Andrew Payne 3 years ago

    Love your work. So talented and such good songs. You mention a trip to Australia. When may that happen?

  189. Michael Blankenheim 3 years ago


  190. ojisan 3 years ago

    When will we see “MonaLisa Twins Play Beatles & More Vol. 2”?

  191. Narinder Sharma 3 years ago

    Dear Mona and Lisa, I absolutely loved reading your blog, it really spoke to me. I love 60s music, especially the Beatles. Growing up after the 60s had passed, I didn’t witness the Beat scene first hand, but I developed a passion in my teens for everything Beatles related and 60s music in general. I’m still on a journey going back in time and rediscovering little gems of songs from the past, so reading about your own musical journey really resonated with me. Loving your renditions of the songs and loving all your vids, keep ’em coming. I hope to see you play live one day. With best wishes, Narinder

  192. Michael Blankenheim 3 years ago
    A simply beautiful presentation of a powerful song, performed in that special place where art becomes magic!

  193. dave l 3 years ago

    I agree with you whole-heartedly. The music industry has taken creativity and originality out of today’s music, instead choosing to flog a standard sound that “sells”. The television singing competitions are glorified karaoke contests and finding good musicians who play and write original music is an exercise in futility. You’ve made the right decision to keep control of your music, and the many fans that you have attracted shows that there is definitely a desire to return to the glory days of music. Keep up the great work girls, you’re very talented artists.

  194. Rick Ross 3 years ago

    The more I listen to ORANGE(I listen everyday) the more i hear new things. Such as the influences of the Zombies, BEATLES, Lovin Spoonful, John Sebastian, just to name a few. Mona and Lisa have Transcended a sound born 50 years ago into today’s market. ORANGE brings the 60’s back into our lives like never before. They may be only 23 but, they have captured that PHENOMENAL SOUND once again. ORANGE will be talked about for decades to come. Ladies you and your INCREDIBLE team have done something no one else has done in 50 years. All songs on this album could stand alone on their own but, having all them on the same album BRILLIANT! Once you have it you can’t put ORANGE Down.

  195. Markus Stadler 3 years ago

    Dear Mona and Lisa, you are simply magic. I am right back from my music room where I accompanied “wide, wide land” on my drums. Your vocal harmonies are incredible. I had the luck to grow up with the Beatles… and am so glad for your “Orange” record that really gives back meaning to music in our days. I live in Berne, Switzerland. When will you perform in our country?? With lots of love Markus

  196. Jim Ryen 3 years ago

    Quite often I play around at YouTube enjoying rare or unknown live performances, usually back to 60’s and 70’s as I get bored about all the new “modern” style of music. Suddenly I discover these wonderful girls rocking around with Beatles songs like they have never done anything else! WoooW! The sound, the rhythm, just amazing! I just love it!

  197. Michael Blankenheim 3 years ago

    It is now 2018, and the world needs to know what they say about Austrian girls is true: Don’t mess with their guitars! 2:34

  198. Ron Hayashi 3 years ago

    There was an explosion of music in the 60’s unlike any period before or after it. This explosion didn’t occur only in rock but multiple genres of music. I remember the 60’s as a time of unbelievable transformation due to social unrest and the belief that we could challenge injustice, evil wars and environmental degradation. I remember being involved in marches, political and environmental clubs during this period. It’s hard to believe how much attitudes changed over the 60’s: civil rights, feminism, sexuality and peace versus war. I think it was this energy and optimism that powered the musical creativity of the period and that’s why so much of the music is upbeat and often carries moral messages. Unfortunately, I feel like we are in a period where that optimism, energy and determination is needed more than ever before. Between the 60’s and now, disillusionment, cynicism and greed seem to have overtaken hope. The Mona Lisa Twins bring back a sound, a rhythm and an optimism that is sorely needed in our times. All the best to the MLT team and their wonderful music. Maybe it is possible to bring back that 60’s attitude along with its music.

  199. Richard McGlenn 3 years ago

    Any hints on what fans can expect soon from the MLTs in early 2018? Hint, hint. Come on.

  200. Rick Ross 3 years ago

    You best believe I’m in!!
    The MonaLisa Twins are the epitome of 60’s style Music. They have transcended the music that was lost and forgotten 50 years ago by today’s society. Mona and Lisa are the most phenomenal group rising on today’s music scene. There harmonies are reminiscent of the Beach Boys. They continue to impress and their album ORANGE is the best to come along in the last 50 years

  201. Wesley McCormick 3 years ago

    This is a little unrelated however I think you have some of the BEST music videos out there and I would love to see you transform then into an multi-channel HD video DVD/Bluray format for us audiophiles to enjoy. You have clearly worked hard on your productions, We would love to see and hear them to their full potential. Anyone agree???

  202. Jung Roe 3 years ago

    So after over 2 months of listening to the Orange album almost every day, here are some additional thoughts I have of the Orange dream.

    In 1966 the Beach Boys produced Pet Sounds album which was a revolution in rock and roll music song writing and studio production. In the studio Brian Wilson (at age 23) experimented with multiple tracks, and an array of instruments and studio production creativity never before seen in Rock music. Pet Sounds,, would be hailed by many critics as one of the greatest of all time Rock albums, although it did not have the same chart topping success as the Beatles “Sargent Peppers” Album would enjoy . The Beatles took notice and a year later did their own revolutionary album, Sgt Peppers

    These two great albums would elevate Rock music to newer artistic depth and heights than ever before. When I listen to Orange, I hear influence from the kind of creativity and great song writing that went into Pet Sounds and Sgt Peppers, in a modern and unique sound of the MonaLisa Twins.

    These two Beach Boys and Beatles covers Mona and Lisa did early in their careers, (, ) are just a couple of examples of the kind of musical influence they inherited from the greats of the 60s era. The studio versions of these classic songs they were able to re-produce in their very own unique style are just delightful, and it is this kind of experience that has made them the great songwriters, singers, and musicians they have proven to be today in Orange with their original music.

    I just love “Sweet Lorraine”, among many others from Orange (like “Close to You”, “Count on Me”, “Club 27”, and “Still a Friend of Mine” etc…) with a wonderful beat music sound reminiscent of the 60s, enriched with the sounds of trumpet, band, and children’ chorus. As I have said previously I think their Orange Album take the elements from the greatest in Rock music over the last 50+ years in a fresh modern unique sound that is so missing today.

    Just for fun: Pet Sounds vs Sargent Peppers

  203. Tony Pellinghelli 3 years ago

    ..Love your article !!,Love your music !!! Keep up the good work.Your Orange Dream should be a big success !!!! Keep on ROCKIN’

  204. Ed Brown 3 years ago

    I cannot think of a better Christmas/holiday gift for anyone on your list. The Orange dream brings music to the listener that has not been heard in quite some time and cannot help to leave you lifted and happy. The 60s are certainly alive through Mona and Lisa and they have made the genre very relevant today! We all can use more positive upbeat influences in our lives and there is no better place to find it. Please try and see how wide the smile on your face becomes! 🙂

  205. Michael Blankenheim 3 years ago

    Regarding the proper care and feeding of the MonaLisa Twins Orange tee shirt: If you wear it often, that means of course you will have to wash it often. AVOID, if you can, putting it in the dryer. Instead, just let it hang in the laundry room and let it dry naturally, which it does quickly as it is not one of those thicker tee shirts. The MonaLisa Twins tee has an incredible soft, satin-like feel to it. By putting mine in the dryer too often, it has started to lose some of that satin-like feel (I had this happen with sheets before. Should have known better!) OH WELL—guess I’ll just have to order another MLT tee! LOL

  206. Rick Ross 3 years ago

    Not only have the MonaLisa Twins given the world an ingenious album but,also the best album in the last 50 years
    Now they have taken it one step further. YOU CAN NOW GET ORANGE FOR THE UNHEARD OF 20% OFF PRICE! What are you waiting for? The Waiter? Rush out before its too late and treat yourself and others for Christmas! Sale ends Tuesday! Thank you Ladies for this incredible treat and your gift of music

  207. Michael Blankenheim 3 years ago

    Fun techie things to know and tell: The MonaLisa Twins “Waiting for the Waiter” vid has up to 4k resolution on Youtube!

  208. Michael Blankenheim 3 years ago

    Regarding a U.S. holiday, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This Mona Lisa Twins vid expresses my thoughts well…

  209. Larry Reed 3 years ago

    The MonaLisa Twins have once again proven their fine musicianship, their wonderful voices (beautiful singly, but transcending to another level when united in harmony), their nimble senses of humor, and their appreciation of deeper values, in their new album “Orange”. These young ladies will never settle for being a face in the crowd or just another cog in a machine. They have the joy of doing what they love for a living, and they have the ability to infuse that feeling into their music. Hooray for the MonaLisa Twins!! Keep living that beautiful dream. And stay forever ORANGE !!!

  210. Steve Henson 3 years ago

    Hello again!

    I wanted to write a second review, to expand on my previous initial comments. In many of the reviews here in this blog and on the other Orange CD album reviews, there is reference to both the “Orange” and the “When We’re Together” albums.

    I don’t know if this bears any weight, but as mentioned in my previous Orange CD review, I stipulated that I’m an experienced songwriter; and I’ve also produced an album and various songs. So in my humble opinion I wanted to express some more of what the MLT have meant to me…

    The Orange album is outstanding and the “When We’re Together” is remarkable also! For me it is a complete package to have both albums. The blend both these albums together (like a double album) you end up with something extraordinary.

    On the earlier album, the percussion/drums are up front more in a few of the songs (e.g. “Birds That Well” which gives a great beat & groove and “Nothing In Vain” with such a dream-like feel”, plus “Falling In Love” with more adventurous Crash and snare drum fills). I also should mention “June”, as this is an excellent song!

    Now… we have “Orange” – wow! what gifted talent these girls have in their songwriting! There are so many good songs on this album! I’ve already given my review on Orange, but just to single out a few tracks here, we have “Close To You”… what beautiful singing by Lisa! Such rich and smooth warmth in her vocals. Check out “Sweet Lorraine” – in a few bars of the second verse the guitar bends the note. Little segments like this show such creativity and talent that really works in experienced songwriting. Then we have “Still A Friend Of Mine”. A pure masterpiece! Lisa’s vocals are spine-chilling and so moving. What an outstanding performance. “Orange” in short, is pure brilliance.

    For me the album Orange is a “must have” and to couple it with “When We’re Together” is a necessity.

    The whole MLT team deserve a pat on the back for their hard work which has really paid off.

    “The Beatles had Apple. The MLT have Orange. Why?..Because they’re sweeter!” 🙂

    (I couldn’t resist putting that in)

    The Orange album is phenomenal. You definitely won’t be disappointed in having this album to listen to; with the tracks growing on you each listen; sounding as fresh as the first time you heard them. It is vibrant and so alive with such a rich texture and mixture of well written songs.

    • Jung Roe 3 years ago

      I agree with everything you said, but I can’t always tell when it is Mona or Lisa singing, but it doesn’t matter because I love both their beautiful voices. 🙂
      Indeed beautiful, rich and warm, spine chilling singing by both throughout the ALBUM!!!

  211. James Runka 4 years ago

    I grew up on The Beatles and started playing drums to their albums at age six. I lived their music religiously, they were my favourite of all Sixties bands.

    I happened upon MLT on YouTube, noticing their Beatles covers. I’ve never been a big fan of Beatles covers and generally don’t go out of my way to listen to them. My instinct said listen to This Boy and I was astounded. By the time I had listened to all of them, I was smitten! I was amazed, not only how well Mona and Lisa sang harmonies, but just how good musicians they are, too. It’s easy to see why this era of music is their drug of choice. Their cover of The Hollies Bus Stop is arguably one of their best.

    I admire MLT decision to write music that is true to their influences, as well as pursuing their career the way they feel comfortable. It’s not about stardom; this way they avoid the control of a label more concerned about the number of albums they sell and projecting an image.

    Both albums of their original material — particularly Orange — show they are excellent songwriters who can hold their own and make music incorporating Sixties sounds while still sounding refreshingly new. They encourage fans to send them mail (they love creativity!) which they always read. It’s wild to see how personally connected they are to their fans.

    If you’ve got this far and still haven’t bought Orange, go for it, it won’t disappoint. Like so many other fans, you’ll want When We’re Together next, then their first album of covers. Then you’ll want another new album and a whack more YouTube videos. They’re definitely groovy. May Fortuna always smile down on Mona and Lisa on their long and winding road!

  212. Allan Reeling 4 years ago

    I love the girls’ ‘no compromise’ outlook to their music, that’s refreshing and rare in itself. In these days of autotune, over production, limited talent and lowest common denominator outputs, it’s so wonderful to come across an act which is so musically competent. What’s more they can perform their music with great aplomb, live and, if you get the chance a gig is definitely worth attending.

    They are multi instrumentalists, can harmonise in that unique way that only siblings are capable of and their song writing skills are continually improving.

    “Orange” is a wonderful collection of songs, demonstrating the breadth of their musical and song writing skills. You can definitely hear the influences but in no way is it copying anyone. This is a truly original, clever, witty and beautiful production which will disappoint no one.

    • James Runka 4 years ago

      I agree with hearing the influence but not copying anyone. It’s great hearing the originality of MLT and their musical talent.

  213. Carol Hankins 4 years ago

    I have listened and read what other fans and critics are saying about Orange.

    I agree with those who say that the MonaLisa Twins have given us their Rubber Soul and Revolver, maybe with a bit of Sgt Pepper for good measure. They are in a league of artists who create music that has breadth, depth and longevity, and they are producing music that can shine brightly today and beyond.

    The variety of song styles, the perfect instrumentation for each song, the layers of melodies and harmonies, the quality of the lyrics, all make this album worth listening to, again and again. Orange is very worthy of all the words of high praise from critics and fans.

  214. Jung Roe 4 years ago

    Some great comments here.

    I think the pop/rock music of the 60’s, led by the Beatles and a host of many others was very special and unequalled in the decade leading up to it and the many decades that followed.

    Having grown up through the 70s, 80s and 90s myself with the music of those times, I’ve always personally felt a more lasting impression from the music of the 60’s. Many critics would argue the 60’s was the greatest decade of Rock music ever. Legends of that time like the Beatles and Moody Blues would create some of the greatest songs ever written.

    Sure there were some great music that came afterwards but not to the same intensity and frequency of that decade. The sound of the 60’s was magical and full of genius. Penny Lane, Let it Be, Nights in White Satin, or Sounds of Silence are just a few examples of the timeless classics from then that still sound as magnificent today to new listeners as they did when they first came out.

    Orange captures that kind of timeless great music writing in Mona and Lisa’s own unique and modern original sound. For me the album Orange reveals the MonaLisa Twins, as song writers and musicians, are at the level of the very legends that they look up to as their heroes.

    Just listen to the track, “Sweet Lorraine” (one of the many great songs in this album). It sounds as good as something John Lennon and Paul McCartney would have written. “Close to You”, “Count on Me”, and “Still a Friend of Mine” are so absolutely beautiful and touching with such meaningful lyrics. From a bluesy “Waiting for the Waiter” to the rock anthem sound of “Club 27”, there is a lot of variety in this album. The songs in the album are each so intimate, weaving great music with smart and inspiring lyrics about living life and being human. Love, romance, friendship, issues facing our world etc..

    Their music will truly move you, make you smile, tap your feet, bring you to near tears at times, and at the end, you just can’t help but feel good by the end of the album. When I first heard their cover of Scott McKenzies “San Francisco”, Beach Boys “God Only Knows” and Beatles “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” I knew these girls were something very special and I was hooked. With Orange Mona and Lisa reveal to the world just how truly great they are as song writers and musicians.

    I should also mention their “When We’re Together” debut album is a gem. “Wide, Wide, Land”, “Nothing Is In Vain”, “I don’t know Birds That Well”, “June”, and “All About Falling In Love” are some of my favourites.

    On a more personal note, I was first introduced to the world of Mona and Lisa Twins music one evening last March when I was feeling down and listening to some You Tube videos of Scott McKenzie’s “San Francisco”, which is one of my favourite songs and reminds of the last time I visited that wonderful city with my Mom before she became ill with Alzheimers and passed away last year.

    I came across Mona and Lisa’s video of San Francisco, and their beautiful voices and harmony just uplifted me and made me feel good and melted away the sadness I was feeling. I found their youtube channel and the rest is history. I find their music, art, and everything they do just radiate beauty and make you forget all your problems and feel better. Aside from their music and talent, they are just wonderful people who really care about and appreciate their fans.

    I can’t recommend the album enough.

    I think it’s the “Sergeant Peppers” for the 21st century. Every track is so enjoyable, you will be letting it play over and over again on your phone or CD player.

  215. Christomir Rackov 4 years ago

    Now what could I possibly think about the “The ORANGE dream” you are talking about?

    Of course I think it shouldn’t be just a dream, and more artists and bands should be doing the thing that you do (“That Thing You Do!” 😉 LOL), with more focus on melodies and harmonies in music, rather than “looking cool” and “up to date”…

    Unfortunately, very few are. But at least I am grateful the world has you, doing that (though most of the world doesn’t know it… yet).

    So I can only say THANK YOU for all the great work you do, for your talent and inspiration, and for being who you are, and staying true to yourselves!

  216. Rick Ross 4 years ago

    What marvelous comments and observations!

    Orange is not just a dream but, a reality that will be talked about 50 years from now.

    It is one of the best albums to ever come along period! What a tremendous tribute to their producer dad in No More Worries Company. Its very easy to see where Mona And Lisa got their love of music and writing style.

    A remembrance to Woodstock in Once Upon A Time. A Woodstock Legend who Plays Blues Harp on tracks 3 and 6. The Legendary John Sebastian. Mona and Lisa’s dad play Piano on a couple of tracks.

    The most mind blowing part? Mona and Lisa play all the other instruments on the album! Nothing short of PHENOMENAL! No other Musician does this I know of. Still A Friend Of Mine is as beautiful a song that has ever been written. Club 27 is about the artists that have died much to early at the age of 27. It also reminds of the feeling I get when I listen to Chicago’s 25 6 to 4. Sweet Lorraine is a sassy night club song. Waiting For The Waiter is some serious Blues. The kind you would hear in New Orleans or Memphis. That’s Life written 2 years ago is a poingent tell about life. Close to you is about missing a dear friend that has gone on to different things in life but is very much missed. Count on Me is just that.

    No matter what happens you can still Count On Me.Its Alright and In it For Love are what you would have heard from the Mamas And Papas Mona and Lisa’s harmonies are extraordinary.

    Something that can’t be taught.

    Orange will be a worldwide Hit! Believe me The MonaLisa Twins will be Huge! #ORANGEisthenewalbum

  217. Gert Just Jensen 4 years ago

    I came across the MonaLisaTwins years ago on youtube, looking for a cover of Mr Tambourine Man and theirs popped up. I was impressed with their musical skills at such a young age ( 13 back then ).

    I went through their other videos and immediately subscribed. I, like Mona&Lisa love the 60`s sound, but they are not a retro band. They have, like The Beatles did, taken the sound of their heroes, added their own style and turned it into something that is uniquely their own with harmonies of the same perfection as the Everly Brothers, so if you don`t know them, check them out on YouTube. They are definitely worth your time.

    Their new album Orange is one of the best albums i have heard in years. They have grown into brilliant songwriters in the old singer/songwriter tradition who can write great songs in any genre, like the rock song Club 27 or the ballad Still A Friend Of Mine. One of the most beautiful songs i have heard in a long time.

    So again, if you don`t know them check them out. Their songs are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

  218. Glenn Shepherd 4 years ago

    Hi Mona and Lisa,

    As you very well know, I had the fortune of discovering you over 3 years ago after looking for good covers of Hollies songs on YouTube. The thing about Hollies covers is 1) there aren’t very many of them (except for 1928739873987 versions of “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” played wrong…) and 2) they have to be something pretty special to so much as get my attention, let alone impress me.

    Your cover of “Bus Stop” instantly grabbed my attention well and truly by the throat and not only got me to sit up and take notice, but to be very, very impressed indeed!

    After picking myself up off the floor, I went on to absorb myself in discovering your other recordings and videos and was even more blown away!

    I knew that I had stumbled across something truly special and magical.

    What soon began to stand out to me was the quality of your own original material and your natural gift for writing, performing and just infusing that certain ‘something’ (you will have heard me refer to this on many occasions as “fairy dust”!).

    What I already knew about you in this regard was totally blown away when I heard “Orange”. It’s been a very long time since listening to an album has actually made me feel excitement – and I don’t mean just the excitement of receiving and listening to the new album. I mean that I felt physically excited by the music itself and, believe me, it takes some darned special music to affect me to such a degree!

    Of course, I have my favourites – “Once Upon a Time” is a powerful, clever track on so many levels and it’s one that has to get turned right up when listening in the car! And “Still a Friend of Mine”, well, what can I say about this? Absolute, sheer beauty and genius! I can’t really say more than that – it has left me pretty much speechless since the moment I first heard it!

    You know that I will always be 100% honest with you because, as a musician and songwriter, I know how important that is. You know that I will never just give you gushing ‘fanboy’ praise, so whenever I commend you on something, it is truly deserved. Equally, if I don’t like something or if I think something doesn’t work, you also know that I will tell you.

    With “Orange”, commending you and giving you genuine praise is so easy. You were already fantastic and “When We’re Together” is an amazing album that still contains some of my favourite songs of all time. But “Orange” has gone leaps and bounds beyond anything you’ve done before.

    I am still astonished at just HOW good it is!

    It is so good that I actually find it difficult to find the words to describe it! Suffice it to say, this is album that should be in the collection of all true music lovers, especially if they’re looking for something with good musicianship, songs with strong melodies, lyrics and harmonies and an overall “Wow!” factor that is so sadly and obviously lacking in the majority of modern chart music.

    I’ve certainly missed popping over to the Cavern to see you, but as much as I’ve missed you (can you believe it’s been a whole year since we last saw each other!?) I have to say that the result has been worth it in the end.

    Congratulations once again on such a great job on such a fantastic album!


    • James Runka 4 years ago

      I agree on their cover of Bus Stop, it’s excellent! Paint It Black is another ripper they do well.

  219. M Farlow 4 years ago

    Hello all,

    The blog above may seem like a bit of a long read. Do read it as it is very informative.

    Though it has only been a few years now, I had to think hard to remember how I got introduced to MLT and their music. In short, I was browsing the web and came to the MLT YouTube pages. From listening to my first MLT cover I was hooked! The twins and co sounded great and I just had to listen to more. Later came the MLT own written music. The MLT originals are magnificent. I particularly enjoy ‘June’ but would say that ‘That’s Life’ is one of my favourites and would put it at or near the top if ranked.

    I would recommend anyone new to MLT to go directly to the YouTube page – – and check out all the covers and original music there. The twins cover mostly sixties based music and give it a very fresh modern lilt. In particular, look out for the very amusing cover of ‘Maxwell’s Silver Hammer’ and the ever so beautifully rendered ‘If I fell’ and cheeky yet marvellous ‘A World Without Love’.

    I was lucky enough to meet Mona and Lisa (and Michaela), be it briefly, when they performed at the Blackpool Comic Con a couple or so years ago (at time of writing this). Though the twins and co were very busy, they took time to have a short chat with me and sign my copy of ‘When We’re Together’. The MLT were awesome whilst performing live and lovely to meet in person.

    I have mentioned this before when writing about MLT but will put it ‘out there’ again. I was in something of a music listening desert for quite a few years. Sure enough I had my favourites that I would play from time to time but I had nothing I wanted to play over and over as I did in my youth. My experience with MLT has changed that and I simply love playing their music again and again. I think that this is not just so much because of the excellent covers or the wonderful originals per se! It is simply that, in a world where so much modern music seems to have to be money driven to be successful, part of ‘the machine’, autotuned or uninspiring the Mona Lisa Twins offer a wonderfully fresh shine on their covers, produce meaningful originals and actually sound great with their own voices.

    Yeah! I’m sure there is some editing for the studio produced stuff but, if my opinion counts for anything, MLT produce music that is (for a better way of putting it) ‘what it says on the tin’ and of exceedingly good quality.

    I was asked recently which music of MLT is best to buy as a first purchase and introduction. I replied on the lines of it being difficult to decide as all the MLT music is good. If you want to jump straight into the originals, the new and vibrant album ‘ORANGE’ is a great place to start. If you want to try out the covers first then it is probably best to start with ‘MonaLisa Twins play Beatles and more’.

    On the whole, MLT are producing covers and original material in a professional manner and they have, it seems to this writer, very good core values. The originals by MLT prove that they are maturing well with time and can and will only get better.

    Very well done MLT! Keep it fun and stay groovy. 🙂

  220. Richard McGlenn 4 years ago

    Like many MonaLisa Twins fan I discovered them on YouTube while searching through Beatles and Beach Boys videos and found one of their cover songs of the Beatles.

    It’s not often that you see girls covering Beatle’s tunes so I decided to check them out. I was pleasantly surprised to see a quality made video by two girls playing guitars and singing classic Rock songs from my youth with the same energy, clarity and charm as the Beatles themselves. After watching a dozen or more cover songs I subscribed to their YouTube channel where I discovered they also had their own original tunes.

    Now here’s when my luck of finding them turned into a blessing. I listened to everyone of their original song videos they had out at the time (late 2013) and found I enjoyed their original songs as much if not more then their cover songs.

    These girls were on to something that I couldn’t believe. Music that was pleasing to the ear while at the same time spoke to your heart. Carefully crafted lyrics that were meaningful to the listener as well. I purchased their album of original tunes “When We’re Together”, and was treated to all of their own songs they had at that time. I bought additional CDs and gave them as gifts to family and friends who also enjoyed their music and became fans.

    Now with the release of their second album of all original songs, ORANGE, I have fallen in love with their music all over again. The leap in their musicianship and production is amazing with the new album and I listen to it daily while working and driving. The day just goes by so much better with their music playing along with it’s catchy and meaningful lyrics.

    The world needs to hear more music like this and I have personally made an effort to introduce it to as many people as I can while also supporting the MonaLisa Twins with regular donations to help them to continue to create this beautiful musical art. Keep the great tunes coming Mona and Lisa.

    • M Farlow 4 years ago

      Yeah – the covers!

      What can I write that betters what you impart?

      Not much!

      The ‘When We’re Together’ album is wonderful but it is barely a starter when compared to the main course that is ‘ORANGE’. Of course I do not wish to detract any from the former but it is a very different album to the latter and both are excellent.

      • Richard McGlenn 4 years ago

        When We’re Together was the starting point where the girls cut their teeth in the studio. With ORANGE they show how they have mastered the recording process and honed their musical skills. The results are are amazing to say the least.

        With time and more life experiences the message of the songs may broaden further, but I think the biggest factor will be when the music world takes notice of what they have created and realizes this is a better direction for music to return to.

        Real musicians playing real instruments with lyrics that are positive and make an impact on society. I don’t want to make it sound like their music is a 60s nostalgia trip because it’s not.

      • James Runka 4 years ago

        I really like their playing of all the instruments, too. Sure you can get a more polished sound with musicians who excel at playing one instrument, but there’s something about talented musos doing it all. It adds to the richness in a different way.

  221. Steve Henson 4 years ago

    I can only sentiment this excellent blog. For me the music of the 60’s was so innovative and creative. It was highly stimulant, exciting and full of love and expression. It was an era that will never be repeated.

    This is why I personally feel Mona and Lisa should feel very proud and be highly commended, for their commitment and talent to bring this exciting era alive again through their own music! I own a copy of the Orange album and love it!

    I think MLT would blow away The X-Factor performing “Still a Friend of Mine” or “That’s Life”. That’s just a couple, as they have many other great songs. However, with their choice of using the internet as their media to get their music across is an innovative approach; with access to many of their videos and their excellent website. MLT’s music is so fresh and alive.

    Anyone who wants to get an essence of the 60’s with a modern approach , won’t be disappointed grabbing a copy of the Orange album. I highly commend it. 🙂

    • M Farlow 4 years ago

      Excellently put. I agree that MLT would blow away the TV ‘talent’ shows but I am very glad they have not gone down that route.

    • Jerry Chamness 4 years ago

      Well said, Steve! I love all of the MonaLisa-Twins music, but “ORANGE” is definitely special. I still remember how The Beatles “White Album” blew me away. I didn’t think I would ever feel that way again. But, ORANGE blew me away.

      Even if you listen to today’s latest and greatest, I think you would like ORANGE. There is so much on it, I think there’s something for everyone. Upbeat humor like, “No More Worries Company: and “Sweet Lorraine” just cheer me up every time I listen. Beautiful ballads like “Close to You” and “Still a Friend of Mine” melts my heart. “In It For Love” heart warming! I can relate to “That’s Life” and “Hey Waiter”

      I have always been a huge John Sebastian fan. I love every song on their previous album “When We’re Together” but right now I’m still absorbing ORANGE! My recommendation? Get ORANGE, and if you don’t already have it, get “When We’re Together” and ORANGE!

  222. Neill Thompson 4 years ago

    I have started drafting a detailed review of “Orange”. But I have started MLT reviews many times and given up. I get discouraged, because what I write just doesn’t express how I feel. My review isn’t worthy of the work.

    I am simply unable to express how Mona, Lisa, Michaela and Rudi entertain me. It’s more than just music. It’s a musical spirit. Imagine finding a nugget of gold in a rushing mountain stream. Team MLT is in it for love and that’s why they are an unstoppable force.

  223. Jacki Hopper 4 years ago

    I thoroughly quite agree…. Today’s music for the most part, sadly is lacking originality in the musicianship by means of instrumentation….substance….noise really….

    The reason MLT has Awesome appeal is that simply.. they have invested into the quality of what they want to create music-wise and KNOW truly what they are doing…it comes naturally to them…they have the innate sense musical and lyrical giftedness and it clearly shows.

    For me they are a refreshing welcome into the music world.. It is beautiful when one can relate and/or be moved by the music itself or the lyrics or of its entirety rather than be frustrated… irritated by noise…non verbal rants of supposed lyrics , etc. Indeed MLT and their latest creative of ORANGE has produced a solid foundation in how true music is rooted…crafted….and longevity.

    They have succeeded and will continue to strive because they understand what sustains. Thankyou for all your music and having this ORANGE DREAM recognized and may more dreams bloom and blossom .

    • M Farlow 4 years ago

      ‘ORANGE’ is a dream of the highest quality and I for one can barely wait for next one!

      • James Runka 4 years ago

        An album every six months like The Beatles would be awesome! But not for team MLT. ????

    • Richard McGlenn 4 years ago

      Couldn’t agree more Jacki. Much of today’s music is manufactured and then given to a singer to add the vocals to.

      Good music requires a collaboration between all of the participants with each making their own unique interpretation on the music and how it fits together with the vocals. This is where the MLTs have the advantage of all sitting down together in the studio and making the small tweaks needed to pump the juice into the song.

  224. Ed Brown 4 years ago

    I found Mona and Lisa during a troubling period in my life workwise and not only did they help me get through it with their magnificently uplifting music and videos but continue to bring happiness with every listen.

    There is nothing like family voices to create beautiful harmonies (ala Beach Boys, Bee Gees) and their love of 60s music shines through strongly on their new album “Orange” like no other found today. Each song on the album is unique; bringing you into a different room and place and has you singing and humming along instantly.

    Their influences come through vividly yet is a completely unique experience and performance. This album is a must for everyone’s collection and if you do not have it yet I would highly recommend making it so as soon as you can! You will be smiling before you know it.

    • M Farlow 4 years ago

      Not that it would have stopped me from liking MLT but I too came to hear their music in a difficult time of my life due to health issues. I would have liked MLT anyway. I must say that MLT lifted my spirits with their covers and original music back then and still do so.

  225. Rick Ross 4 years ago

    Mona and Lisa better known as The MonaLisa Twins are the main reason the sound of the 60’s is back in today’s market. Their mind blowing Harmonies are reminisent of the Beach Boys. Nothing else even comes close.

    They have an extraordinary, Phenominal album out now ORANGE! if you’ve not heard it you are missing out on something truly special. The sound of the 60’s is alive and well!

    Sounds of Woodstock, night clubs, heart wrenching ballads, a personal tribute to their production and a Legendary Guest are all one one album! Mona And Lisa have created an album others only dream of. They play their own instruments on the album With the exception of Blues Harp! Phenominal to say the least! Do yourself a favor and rush out and get this Beautiful album for the ages

    • M Farlow 4 years ago

      I could not agree more with this. I have all of the CDs available from the store and have ‘ORANGE’ on both CD and vinyl. The twins and their supporting artists are nothing less than marvellous.

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