A Special “Thank You” To All Our Donors

Our Top Donors

Jung Roe

Your music moves people and brings much happiness. It is important more people discover you. This is why I want to donate to further your cause.

Frank DeGiacomo

I’m honored to support such amazing singers, musicians, and people as Mona & Lisa and their family. I love their music and want to help as much as I can.

Miles Wakeford

“Your whole family is helping people in ways you can’t know. We are glad you’re out there in the cyber dimension. We’ll help you back.

Steve from Miami  †

The diamond badge and a very special mention goes out to “Steve from Miami” who, as most of you know from our videos and postings, has been our biggest supporter over all those years, and who has made so much possible for us on so many levels.

He was the donor of most of the incredible guitars and camera equipment we use, and that truly made a huge impact on our production quality and our overall creative freedom and independence to do it “our own way”.

We like to think of him as the MLT Guardian Angel, because underlying to helping us make a living with our music he always had the art, the music, and all our fans in mind and heart, too.

Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Most Recent Donations

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