Live at the Cavern Club – Double Album CD


Live at the Cavern Club is a double album of 28 songs, recorded during the MonaLisa Twins’ 100th and final live show of their two-year residency at the legendary Cavern Club in Liverpool.

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Album Name: Live at the Cavern Club
Album Type: 2 CDs – 28 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 8 November 2020

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About the Album

This is a double album of 28 songs with a total of nearly 90 minutes of music: A mixture of lots of Beatles and 60s covers and some MonaLisa Twins originals, too. It got recorded at the Twins’ 100th and final show of their two-year residency at Liverpool’s legendary Cavern Club on October 8, 2016.

Each CD contains a 45min set with the songs in the same order that they were performed during the live show. You will hear Mona and Lisa on vocals and guitars, Callum Williams on bass and backing vocals and Charlie Skeggs on drums.

If you are interested in seeing the live videos for each of the songs, we welcome you to join the MLT Club where every few weeks a new Cavern Club live video gets released (the first half of the first set is already available). All MLT Club members also get their purchased CDs signed by Mona and Lisa.

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Album Name: Live at the Cavern ClubAlbum Type: 2 CDs – 28 Tracks (Downloads included)Release Date: 8 November 2020

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  1. Martin Harold (verified owner)

    Any chance of releasing the video footage on DVD or a download ? The YouTube clips are brilliant

  2. Shawn Lackie (verified owner)

    Or I would make the trek to Liverpool(again) once this Covid crap is done

  3. Shawn Lackie (verified owner)

    Let me know if you ever want to jam out if you ever come to Canada

  4. Kevin Hinson (verified owner)

    Since I got Live at the Cavern Club, I literally listen to some part of every day… sometimes all of it! Its definitely my most listen to body of music for me now and Im sure far into the future. All the songs are great, the quality is amazing and the energy can be felt from the Cavern for sure. I give this album 2 thumbs up since that is all I have!! Great music!!!

  5. Dale Harris (verified owner)

    Depending upon how comprehensive your knowledge is of the Monalisa Twins, you may or may not know that they did not have what I believe would be a common beginning, as a band does in the US or the UK (I think, expert level opinionating here is not claimed). Some members get together in someone’s garage, work up a set or two, and then find a place to play for tips or free, just for the exposure. Not this band. Along the way, though, they mastered the “garage band” sound that comes from practicing in a garage. It’s difficult to describe, but you know it when you hear it, and it’s on this album.

    The band is tight and clean, performing with no discernible mis-steps, forgotten lyrics or wrong notes. Not surprising as this album records their swan song 100th performance at the Cavern Club, wrapping up a two-year residency. A rather impressive feat, considering the start of it. In 2014 they approached the Club to ask about playing and were booked, having established a worthy reputation on the Liverpool music scene within a year of relocating there from Austria.

    Despite some darker themes present in songs such as “Paint It Black” and “For What It’s Worth”, the music offered throughout this album comes across as upbeat and positive. Viewing some of the videos from these performances might contradict that assessment, arguing that such an experience would incite more dancing in the audience. Easily rebutted by the fact that the Monalisa Twins pack in a wall-to-wall crowd. With the exception of a handful of original songs, what you’ll get from this is a live experience of songs you know from a band you like.

  6. Alan Smith (verified owner)

    I had a rough day at work. It became a great day, as I came home and Mr. Postman left me a letter you see, and music in the form of a CD.(And signed, no less!) I have found nothing better to pick up my spirits than the songs on this collection. To me, the only bad thing about this recording is that I wasn’t at the Cavern Club when they were doing it. Great energy and musicianship! Excellent job Mona, Lisa, and all involved!

  7. Timothy McCowan (verified owner)

    REVIEW: A compact four piece band, fronted by 2 young sisters from Vienna, playing classic rock songs, in a small English club made famous by the most important rock band of all time. What a recipe for ……. total enchantment! The MonaLisa Twins, Mona and Lisa Wagner, accompanied by a superb drummer and bassist, hit it out of the park with one of the best live albums of classic rock tunes ever. I’m mainly a jazz and classical guy, but I love good music, and I grew up with these songs and artists, and the MonaLisa Twins brought it all back home for me. This is a double CD recording (28 tunes!) of their last performances at the famous Cavern Club, where they had a regular gig for a couple of years. Truly great covers of Beatles tunes with a nice variety of other artists like The Who and The Rolling Stones thrown in. The opener, The Beatles’ Drive My Car, is phenomenal, and it just keeps going from there. Interspersed are 4 originals by the MonaLisa Twins that are so good, and so in keeping with the style and ambiance of the performances, that if you didn’t know or pay attention, you would assume they were just less well known McCartney/Lennon compositions (like their cover of The Beatles’ Hey Bulldog, which is a stunning). Not a single weak tune or performance on the entire album – you might as well download or get the whole thing; it would be near impossible to pick only a couple of “best of” tracks. I usually cringe when I think of listening to a live recording of rock or pop, the sound quality and performances are usually sub-par. Not this case, and by a long shot. Excellent audio quality of both the instruments and vocals. It would be easy to think it was in studio until you hear the applause. The only other reason you know this is a live recording is how the band is smoking it and totally in the groove (or “groovy” as MLT might say!). [As an aside, the videos of some of these performances posted on their YouTube channel are mesmerizing.] You don’t need one of those knock together compilations of Greatest Hits of the 60’s! etc. to have a great walk down memory lane – it’s all right here, only better. [Originally Posted on Discogs]

  8. Richard Knights (verified owner)

    REVIEW: So, the new MonaLisa Twins double CD set “Live at the Cavern Club,” is out, chronicling their final performance as the house band on that legendary stage. But, at this point, do we really need a new album of covers from Lisa and Mona, especially when live versions of some of these songs have been available on YouTube or CD? Short answer: yes.
    The album can be divided up into songs we’ve heard (Revolution, Drive My Car, etc.), songs we haven’t heard (I’m A believer, Please Mr. Postman, and Small Faces’ Lazy Sunday) and originals from their first original album, When We’re Together. They differ from previously released versions in that the Twins had gained a lot if experience and maturity since many of those versions were released, and it shows. There is an added grit and growl they seemingly didn’t have the confidence to project before, and their guitar mastery is obvious.
    The best part, here, is the originals. While the studio versions are a bit “cute,” “June,” “This Boy Is Mine,” “One More Time,” and “When We’re Together” really sparkle, here, and are almost indistinguishable from their early Beatles numbers.
    As a final note, I am not a “live album” guy. Usually, what is lost in the recording quality is not improved by the audience I am not a part of. Here, though, the sound is sweet, the mixing impeccable, and the entire package is great to listen to.
    The Twins first release was a two-disc set recorded on stage when they were 13 years old. This makes a remarkable bookend, and showcases how far the girls had come in just 5 years. (Originally posted in the “MonaLisa Twins Celebration Page” on MeWe.)

  9. Tomás F. Calvo (verified owner)

    I wish I had attended this show. After 100 Shows at the Cavern Club(!!!), this “Good-bye” show is one for the history books. It has all the spunk and energy of a live show that energizes and uplifts! I know pre-teens, teenagers all the way up to those who enjoyed the 60’s while they were happening, are truly enjoying this FAB double CD. The best tributes are those that challenge the greatness of the original artists. Love it!

  10. Stephen Krogh (verified owner)

    Remember the pure joy of Live Rock & Roll? The best description of this awesome 2 CD set is Fun and Excitement! MLT transport you right into the infamous Cavern Club for the final live show of their two year Saturday night residency. This album captures the electricity in the air. The audio quality is amazingly good and the result is truly a phenomenal musical experience!

  11. Michael Parker (verified owner)

    I ordered this as soon as possible having watched the videos on youtube since whenever. Would have loved to have seen them here when they had their residency but this is the best I could get. Every number is a brilliant live rendition.

  12. Tom Watson (verified owner)

    I do not have the words to tell you how great “Live At The Cavern Club”, is. The music, the harmonies, the musicians, the energy level, the quality of the recording being live…it is all outstanding. Mona and Lisa are the best! I highly recommend you buy this and listen for yourself. I grew up in the 60’s and also played live music, and it is not easy. The Mona Lisa Twins make it sound so easy. The joy they exude in their performances exceeds any other band I have ever heard. Rock on ladies!

  13. Jung Roe (verified owner)

    MonaLisa Twins Live at the Cavern Club album review.
    This is MonaLisa Twins tenth album in their tradition of creating the finest rock and roll sounds you will find anywhere these days.  Mona and Lisa Wagner grew up from a very early age living and breathing Beatles music as well as other great 60s legends, and the Beatles brilliance rubbed off on them in spades. In this latest “Live at the Cavern Club” album, and so fitting since that is where the Beatles started out too, you will experience some of the finest rock and roll sounds you will hear anywhere by Mona and Lisa who have honed their musicianship skills to master perfection. They play with such feeling, passion, and musical finesse. If you spend any time at their You Tube channel and experienced their music videos of classic covers and their own inspired originals, you will discover soon enough their harmonies are stuff of the legends like the Beatles, Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkle, but in many ways I think even eclipses them because of their incomparable diversity and richness of their vocals. Mona and Lisa’s singing and beautiful harmonies are breathless.  

    In this live album the MonaLisa Twins take many great classics by the Beatles, The Who, The Kinks and other 60s legends and apply their own masterful guitar work and magnificent vocals and harmonies with the energy and vibe of a live performance atmosphere of the Cavern Club to give you a musical experience second to none. You will feel the extreme passion and love for the great 60s music Mona and Lisa possess. A lot of the covers they do of these 60s classics, MonaLisa Twins have transformed them in their interpretation and made it all their own staying true to the essence and magic of the original to offer a new fresh experience that does justice to the original song and artist.  There are a few MonaLisa Twins original songs on this album from their 2012 debut album, When We’re Together, that fit in perfectly alongside these great classics you will enjoy, which attests to the remarkable song writing talent they have. MonaLisa Twins are song writing artists in their own right and are not just a tribute act, which makes this album that much more special, remarkable, and fulfilling.  

    I can’t recommend this album enough as it’s absolutely brilliant, and I am certain you will be so happy you got it.  

    If you enjoyed this album, I also highly recommend checking out their 2017 album Orange, if you haven’t already, to experience their inspired original work that is also second to none, and stay tuned for a new third original album in 2021! You can find more information at their website . They also have The MonaLisa Twins Club where you can experience top notch rich exclusive content including access to their live performance videos and acoustic session videos, VLOGs, and special features that can’t be found anywhere else I highly recommend as well. It’s like a special backstage pass.  

  14. John Leonard (verified owner)

    your music is always full of surprises. the cd itself is very good it gives a feel of one of your live shows which i assume many of us have not had the pleasure of. a companion dvd would be great .
    the ones that are my favorites ,and came as a surprise to me ,were Sunday afternoon and Kansas city.
    Sunday afternoon because it is not as well known in the states and i love the way you made it sound fresh. and Kansas city because it sounded like you were having a lot of fun playing it.
    all in all this is a great cd. the choice of songs and the fact that you sound so good playing live . the fact that your oringinal sounds blend in so good with past hits is very impressive and something you should be very proud of. looking forward to more from mlt.

  15. Jeffery Ohlwine (verified owner)

    What an awesome, eclectic mix of songs on this double album! Mona’s and Lisa’s voices and instrumental mastery shine throughout the tracks! The latest in the 10-album line of both homage-paying covers with the twins’ personal touches and instant classic originals. Take my advice, and buy the package deal of all 10!

  16. Greg Dent

    I love listening to the Twins’ music, even more so knowing something of their backstory growing up outside Vienna, Austria, discovering their dad’s Beatles mp3s, deciding to become 60s-style musicians, and getting good at it. When the girls were teens, the family of four took a trip to Dublin, took a side trip by ferry to Liverpool, liked the looks of things, AND RENTED A HOUSE, and uprooted and moved there. Soon, the girls got booked into what turned into two years of Saturday night gigs at the Cavern Club, where the Beatles had been discovered.

    This CD records their final night there so cleanly that the cheers and applause can come as a surprise at the end of what you could assume was a studio production. Which doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good time. It clearly was for the band (the Twins on guitars plus a fine drummer and bassist), it is for me, and, if you’re into Beatles- Stones- Kinks- Hollies-style music, it should be for you too.

  17. Darryl Boyd (verified owner)

    This review comes to you from an amateur guitarist who has played many gigs in front bars until recently.
    When I listen to this CD I listen to both the band as a whole and also one instrument in particular, like I would when playing.
    The MLT band musicianship is flawless. The guitars, bass, acoustic and electric, have a very authentic 60s sound, and the vocal harmonies are just beautiful.
    I’m also a bit of an audiophile, and the quality of the recording (and other MLT CDs I own) is fantastic. A well balanced sound across the range, no autotune to hurt the ears, and not brickwalled to try to make the recording as loud as possible like so many mainstream records are these days.
    If you’re a member of the MLT club (and you should be :)) you will also have your CD signed by the twins which is a groovy touch.
    Two thumbs up from me.
    Ooh, almost forgot, the discs themselves have really cool pics of guitars on them!
    Stay groovy, Darryl.

  18. Roy Christiansen

    Fabulous energy voices blend so well

  19. Frank De Giacomo (verified owner)

    Mona and Lisa have produced maybe the best live album ever start to finish. Their incredible Beatles covers with other classics covered in addition to some of their rocking originals from the iconic Cavern Club. No small feat! The energy of the band and the audience grabs you from the first intro riff on Drive My Car. The time melts away as you visualize the great musical and vocal performances. But on the MLT Club website you can these videos. Simply awesome!

  20. Jeannette Wannamaker (verified owner)

    I just received this recording as a birthday gift today from my daughter. Perfect timing for me to write a review as part of the Advent 2020 calendar challenge! I unwrapped it first thing this morning and eagerly listened to the whole thing in one go. I was not surprised at all by the superb musicianship and the excellent production but I was absolutely blown away by how vividly the recordings transport one to the live performance! The energy was palpable and I felt as though I were there, listening, dancing, and having a blast with my favourite performers! With 28 tracks, including a few originals, all superbly crafted, performed, and produced, this set is a treasure that I will cherish for years to come.

  21. Philip Nesbitt (verified owner)

    What an album! Fun, energy, great music and personality.

    If you are here reading this you are probably already aware of the Twins musicianship, amazing vocals, be they solo or in harmony and their vast repertoire as you are browsing their store. Due to this I’ll just mention my highlights.

    Their Lazy Sunday is beautifully jaunty and their attempts at being English on it are delightful as they are so seriously unserious. Their own compositions When We’re Together, This Boy is Mine, June and One More Time are indistinguishable from the songs of the greats they cover qualitywise and have their own unique style.

    But the piece de resistance (amongst the plethora of beautiful options) is I Wanna Hold Your Hand one of my all time favourites. They play it with the gusto and abandon that most of the tribute bands just don’t possibly can’t. Plus they play something akin to the Beatles’ stage version as opposed to tribute bands usually playing watery versions of the single, which is beautiful of course but parts are too ‘gentle’ for live shows.

  22. Craig Carpenter

    Another amazing album, sure glad I discovered the twins.
    This album has a very nice mix, covers of the Beatles, the Stones, the Monkees, the list goes on.
    Also some of their originals! (June is a favorite)
    This is probably as close as I’ll ever get to seeing them live.
    Listen to this album, your ears will love you!

  23. Richard Raighn (verified owner)

    This album with the exception of your Originals is the best one yet I love getting the video treats and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year to get more. Great job team.

  24. Jacki Hopper (verified owner)

    And The Review Has Arrived…

    For those that were able to partake in person what this album is about were in for true musical treat, but for those that weren’t , this certainly makes up for that and then some, while listening, it’s as though you were right along there to embrace the Live Groovy Vibe of MLT.

    In this double CD , you’re blessed with 28 songs, all distinctively to call their own .
    An array of originals with covers all intertwining complimentary with other.
    All songs musically of top notch caliber. No wonder one can enjoy singing, dancing, airbanding along.
    All songs rock on this CD but just a few have caught my eye just a wee tad more for whatever the reasons – ” Please Mr. Postman/Wipeout” – “Revolution”- “I’m A Believer”… and a bonus to hear a few of MLT originals have the opportunity to shine in the set list.

    In summary, a definite must have and worthy music MLT investment to have in your music collection… until you can hopefully one day see them live in person ( myself included), this #MLTBuzzLuvGroovified KeepsakerGem is your nourishment to feed your yearning for Live Vibe MLT !!

    I give it a 5***** rating, but really , far more deserving than just 5…more than a million is more like it, heck, even beyond that… Thankyou for releasing this and allowing all to enjoy you in concert in the comfort of our homes, cars, work, etc.

  25. Rick Ross (verified owner)

    A Much asked for and long awaited live concert by the incredible MonaLisa Twins. I don’t think anyone expected this result.
    Team MLT delivered and surpassed all expectations with Live At The Cavern Club.
    An incredible Double Album that has several genres of topics
    The Girls are in Rare form for this last show.
    The audience is jumping, and you can feel the excitement in the air.
    Sunshine Superman by Donavan and Please Mr Postman by the Marvelettes/ Wipeout by the Surfaris are stunning examples of the of just how good Mona and Lisa are. June and This Boy are so beautiful that they made me cry when i hear them.
    A fabulous album and well worth the time and money. Treat yourself to something very special and get this album now. You won’t be dissapointed

  26. Joshua Sunshine (verified owner)

    wonderful,, allows one to escape the day and relax and dance and smile.thank you mlt

  27. Nigel Mortimer (verified owner)

    I am taking part in the MonaLisa Twins Advent Calendar Challenge and as part of that I am writing a review of their fantastic new album “Live at the Cavern Club”. 
    Have a listen to the album and if you like it, share this post far and wide with your friends.
    If you are of any age and like popular music, more-so the Beatles era, then I am certain you will love this album from the twins. They are fantastic as a live group and bring the original energy out from their music covers of many popular and well loved Beatles and other 60’s hits on these selected tracks from their live sessions at the famous Cavern Club (home to the original Beatles) in Liverpool.
    Listening to all the tracks on the double album, I obviously have favourites like ‘You Can’t Do That’, ‘Please Mr Postman’ ‘Your Going To Lose That Girl’ and ‘Daydream Believer (made famous by the Monkees). All in all though there are some lovely songs on there, great harmonic vocals between the twins and some brilliant guitar licks.
    Give it a try this Christmas time and yes, it would make a perfect gift too for anyone who loves to rock out too. As the twins would say, have a groovy time!
    You can get your copy of the album at 

  28. bobbi

    On your forthcoming “US Tour”, during your “Summerfest” performance, ^^^^ this ^^^^ serves as a PERFECT “opening set” before intermission.

    Maybe ORANGE as the “second set”?


    “Summerfest” was the largest music festival on Earth, according to Guiness, until surpassed in Vienna by Donauinselfest

    [Except in 2020,] there’s usually twelve simultaneous stages offering LOTS of varied genre for approximately 800,000 guests during the 10 day yearly festival.

    And there’s food~!

    And Beer~!

    You should come~!


    • bobbi


      Comparing “Summerfest vs. Donauinselfest” resembles “Olympics vs. World Cup”.

      Both are “All About Music” (or sports), but “One’s About This” and “Another’s About That“.

      Like my Thai friends say, “Same, Same, Only Different.”

    • bobbi


      Love your work. “KoKo…”

      (Keep On Keepin’ On…)

      ICYDK: “Bob Dylan stopped Manilow at a party, hugged him and said, “Don’t stop what you’re doing, man. We’re all inspired by you.” (ht/t Wiki)

  29. Jerry Fulmer (verified owner)

    I got the full bundle and what a treat, now the cd is wonderful from start to finish. You girls not only signed my cd but that beautiful poster, I almost cried when I saw it. I grow up with the Beatles after seeing them on Ed Sullivan I knew I wanted to be a drummer. My first drum set were a set of oyster blue pearl Ludwig, I thought for years they were just like Ringo’s but since I only saw black and white pictures I just found out they were black. I still play Ludwig.
    You girls have captured the point so wonderfully even you songs fit. Really great playlist, I love everything you all do and yes I have everything you have put out. Thanks for allowing us to be part of everything via club, what fun. You girls are so special I love that it is a family affair.
    Thank you so much for not only the great music but for all of the sharing and love. I can tell you love what you are doing and love your fans, we love you too.
    God bless you from the USA

  30. Jota Hermógenes (verified owner)

    He´s here today!.

    The “baby” is here!, and also dedicated by Mona and Lisa… Thank you very much!. I mean that in MP3 it has become my most listenes album of all at the moment. I love it. I also want to say that, although the whole family are great, Mona shines especially in the pictures of the interior folders of the double album. Great, as usual. Totally recommendable and to thank in these times that Mona and Lisa have remembered The Cavern, in these times of pandemic.

  31. Bill Isenberg (verified owner)

    Mona and Lisa,
    I sent a picture of me and Maddie holding up the poster and not sure if it went thru but this album is awesome! Great selections for sure and the energy and love you both put forth shines, your both professionals and know how to make us feel great with your music.

  32. Thomas Randall (verified owner)

    Received my CD yesterday! Looking for the “write a review” button for the album on the store page but it doesn’t seem to be there now. So here is my review, feel free to move it to the appropriate place.

    Recorded at their 100th (and final) show at the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool England this 2 CD set is chock full of great 60’s classics PLUS several of their own great original songs! “When we’re together”, “This boy is mine”, “One more time” and “June”! All from their original debut album. Also well worth purchasing while you’re here!

    Everything from the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Donovan, Buffalo Springfield, The Monkees, Nancy Sinatra, The Easybeats, The Marvelettes/TheSurfaris, The Who. Great songs from the great bands of my favorite era, the era I grew up in! And these girls do every song justice with their arrangements along with bassist Callum Williams and drummer Charlie Skeggs this package rocks!

    If you love 60’s music you must order this 2 CD set, it’s well worth the reasonable price they’re asking for it!

  33. Gilles Dwar

    Hi Mona ! Hi Lisa ! I just received my CD’s ! with the little pick with you on both sides ! what a lovely surprise when you play guitare ! It’s easier now with it ! All my love to you and stay grooooovyyyy !!

  34. Robert Fendt (verified owner)

    A very happy and groovy MLT fan here this fantastic album was dropped through my letter box by Mr Postman this morning ❤??

  35. Nicola Whitten (verified owner)

    My order finally arrived today and I’m very pleased with it indeed I love the poster and the badges the CD is excellent and your harmonies are as usual spot on.
    My favourite tracks are this boy this boy is mine June friday on my mind please mr postman/wipe out and Kansas city
    Well done for another great Album

  36. Robert Blume (verified owner)

    Hi Mona & Lisa – I haven’t received my hard copy yet way out here in the NW. But I just took a long walk and listened to the download today. I have so many live recordings in my collection. Lots of them have that spontaneous energy you look for from a live performance. But often they are not well balanced, miked up properly, etc, etc. Not so here. Your Cavern Club songs are, as usual, beautifully executed and recorded. Not a clinker in the bunch IMO. I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Passing traffic might have seen one or two of my ‘dance moves’ on the sidewalk. I’m curious, after two years of CC gigs, you must have had a big archive. How many ‘takes’ did you sort through to arrive at the selections on the album? Seattle Bob.

  37. Lawrence A. Schmitt (verified owner)


    • Lawrence A. Schmitt (verified owner)

      I messed up my comment. So i will say here that I Love the albums. I also want to say that “White Room ” is one of my all time favorites.

  38. Manuel Vilar

    Why don’t you try record Dear Prudence from the White Album? And Honney Pie from the same album too? It will be fantastic!

  39. Rocky ??

    Rocky ??♥️

    • Jacki Hopper (verified owner)

      Hey Rocky, Gidday Eh ??… Nice too see another MLT Canucker fan on here

      • jeffrey frajman

        me too.From Montreal. Where are you both from?

  40. Arthur Robillard (verified owner)

    Hi ladies. I just ordered two copies. I believe you sign them. If you could, please sign one of them to me, Arthur, and one to Thomas. The second copy will be a gift.
    Mine is order 109463.

  41. Stuart

    Love you both!

  42. Martin Fennemore

    I love your sixties vibe.???

  43. Jean-Michel (verified owner)

    Merci à vous deux
    vous faites revivre les Beatles !!
    vous avez beaucoup de talent
    Jean-Michel from France

    Google Translate:
    thanks to you two
    you bring the Beatles back to life !!
    you have a lot of talent

  44. Ken Austin

    Love you guys. You are a major breath of musical and creative fresh air.


    If I just want the downloads and not the CDs, could we do that??

    • MonaLisa Twins

      Hi Steve! The download-only version of the album will be available on release day, November 8. We will send out a newsletter about it so you won’t miss it! 🙂

    • Willi Lempert

      They told you before, oh, you can’t do that.

  46. Alan Schulik

    Thanks for Playing the Monkees

  47. Jacki Hopper (verified owner)

    You betcha I Pre-Ordered , indeed, can’t wait to receive it….WooHoo, Yipppeeeee….I’m having a MLTBuzzLuvGroovin Goin On here, Thankyou for making this available, a Keepsake Gem for all times ☮

  48. Marc E. Aasland (verified owner)

    Hello from Jennings Lodge, 4214 feet from the banks of the beautiful Willamette River in Oregon, USA. Willamette Valley one of the Nation’s prime farming areas and aids in making Oregon the 3rd largest producer of Nursery Stock, behind California and Florida. Why? Climate and Soils.
    Well preorderd: Fri, Oct 16 at 6:23 PM, Pacific Daylight Time. Got busy listening to the Downloads.

    I also ordered your poster and pins. Plus the 3 CD set of Beatles Covers for my Step-Daughter. Why? She is into Gender Issues and posts such information on Facebook. I have discussed what have influenced us guys and I believe a lot was from the music we listened to. And what better way to give her a sample of what I listened to, then to give your covers of those CD’s. I do not have to find them elsewhere and put something together. I bought other CD’s with covers of other artists. Last Christmas, I already gave family and friends your Christmas CD’s.

    Someday you might consider covering War. Bruce Springsteen’s version: Edwin Starr took it to #1 for 3 weeks in the US and #3 in UK in August and September 1970. Released June 1970.

    I was in High School 1967 to 1970. I think we grew up a wee bit quicker back then. At 18 we would had to sign up for the Vietnam Draft. Plus grew up during the Summer of Love, Woodstock, Moon Landing, Protests, Kent State Student Shooting, Beatles breakup, and more during those years. Our High School was in Washington State in the Puyallup Valley. Our Class was 236 Graduates. I worked on a 200+ acre strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry farm any time it was light and I was not in school. Did everything one could do a such a farm. My best friend and i worked together and summers we moved irrigation. We’d get in out truck and not see our bosses until 5 or 6 pm. Our truck did not have a radio but all the others did. We did have a decent transistor radio, so we were always listening. Giving the background, forget what i was going to say. Oh, might help knowing the connections you are making with your fans when you sing your songs!

    Don’t let the man get you down! Stay groovy!

    I’ll catch You On the flip side,


  49. Jerry Chamness (verified owner)

    I am so excited about this preorder! Fantastic live music. Great poster. And, groovy button set. Can’t wait until it all comes in. Meanwhile, I’ll be streaming! Thank you all for making this available.

  50. Skip Skippy (verified owner)

    Fantastic – nothing better than real LIVE music – you girls were fabulous at The Cavern, sadly missed the experience so this collection is sacred, thank you so much for releasing this and await my delivery with trepidation .

  51. Robert Fendt (verified owner)

    Very excited pre-order is in will be streaming until I receive the CD can’t wait for the arrival. Love and thanks Mona and Lisa for all your sensational music, albums and the fantastic MLT Club. Love you lots ❤???

  52. Thomas Randall

    YAY! Just pre-ordered “Live at the Cavern Club”! Can’t wait to get it! Thanks ladies!

  53. Rick Ross (verified owner)

    Yay !Thanks Ladies 3 albums 1 poster and 1 set buttons. Order # is 107362.
    Woo hoo! can’t wait cor this very special gift. You have no idea how excited I am to get these very special albums, poster and button set.
    You do know how to fill our Trick or Treat bags. ? ??? ? ? ?.
    Thanks so very much Ladies and Team MLT. ?❤

  54. Antonio Lima

    I need to put my mind in order to say something.. My God what a wonderful guys outdid yourself today..Wow..I think I can only say thanks dear Mona and Lisa.. you made my day, my week, my month and my year.. I LOVED IT ALL . Now I’ll wait for the videos so I can record one of the best gigs I’ve seen. Love you girls?♥️

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