The Duo Sessions – Album CD


The Duo Sessions is an album of intimate versions of covers as well as originals, all initially recorded for the MLT Club. They are mostly done with just two voices, two guitars and the occasional percussion or blues harp.

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Album Name: The Duo Sessions
Album Type: CD – 15 Tracks (Downloads included)
Release Date: 26 June 2020

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About the Album

On this album you will find intimate versions of covers and original songs, performed with mainly two guitars, two voices and the occasional percussion or blues harp.

All songs were initially recorded for the MLT Club, a part of this website where you can find lots of exclusive content, a look behind the scenes and special music releases like the video versions to all of the songs on this album. Find out more about how to join the Club and all its features here:

Performance, Engineering, Production and Album Design/Photos: MonaLisa Twins

Album Name: The Duo SessionsAlbum Type: CD – 15 Tracks (Downloads included)Release Date: 26 June 2020

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  1. Jota Hermógenes (verified owner)

    MonaLisa Twins in their purest form…. guitars, perfect vocals, some percussion…. Totally recommended!.

  2. Ron McTaggart (verified owner)

    I have all the twins albums(CD’s) & each one keeps getting better. I like everyone else on the planet enjoy the beautiful harmonies & great arrangements.

  3. Alden H Studebaker (verified owner)

    I’ve got all of MonaLisa Twins’ CD’s. Their renditions of Beatles and other 60s artists, plus their own songs are, shall we say, “music to my ears.” I post their YouTubes all the time on Facebook for others to see. They are the real deal! Vielen Dank!

  4. nicky (verified owner)

    Mix of original and classic songs is an outstanding listen.

  5. Jeff DeGarmo (verified owner)


  6. Dave Ashworth (verified owner)

    As always, excellent musicianship, beautiful harmony singing. The originals really benefit from the stripped down approach.
    It’s expensive to get product shipped from the UK to Australia. Not much anyone can do about that, but it does mean that Bandcamp looks increasingly attractive. Perhaps for those of us on the other side of the world, you might consider putting more of your catalog onto Bandcamp?
    Anyway, I love your music folks and I always look forward new releases.
    Cheers, Dave from South Australia

  7. Jeremy (verified owner)

    It must be really hard for artists, like Mona+Lisa, when you can’t go out and play (music that is). How do you get creative and how to earn a crust? So the solution – the Duo Album is a win win solution. Win for us because we get some great tunes presented in a different way. And with many of the tracks a better way. I have Orange and When We’re Together so to hear some of those tracks repackaged on this album was treat. I love the raw energy that comes across in the Duo recordings (as opposed to the polished “studio” versions) as a live tracks.
    Favorites? The hand clapping on “Tired of Waiting” , the childlike backing on “Sweet Lorraine” – in fact that song is brilliant on the Duo Album. My firm favourite at the moment is “Close to You” (the lyrics have a resonance for me and the delivery is spot on) but “Here Comes the Sun” could have been written for the MonaLisa Twins.
    Thank you for sharing.

  8. peter sidebottom (verified owner)

    the duo sessions are good to listen too your songs put a different way to listen the originals BUT and this is a big BUT your album orange is great especially shill a friend of mine I can’t get it out of my head and wide wide land so next album will be when we’re together.

  9. Chris Peirce

    I hadn’t heard of the MonaLisa Twins until 3 weeks ago. I’ve been a musician all my life, I’m 50, and I think musicians get harder to impress over the years. I’ve been blown away by the sheer quality of the arrangements, performances and recordings. I’ve spent 3 hour round-trip commute today listening to the ‘Beatles and More’ album – each track is a revelation. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” nearly reduced me to tears on the A505. To you both, you are the freshest and most astonishing sound I have heard in music for years.

  10. Mats Winstedt (verified owner)

    Like the harmony, love the tracks. This makes me feel good.

  11. Petra (verified owner)

    I recently bought two of these albums… One for me and one for a friend of mine. It was a bit complicated, as I don’t have a credit card, but Anna from the shop team was very kind and helpful. So in the end we managed the payment and the shipping and it was absolutely worth it. Both of us appreciate the album very much and it is an inspiration for us, because we also play coversongs as a duo together. Thank you so much!

  12. Kenny Daniels (verified owner)

    I don’t think that I was successful in attaching a photo, so I’ll try again.

  13. Kenny Daniels (verified owner)

    I’m very happy to be able to say that I have all of the Mona Lisa Twins cds! My most recent purchase was the Duo Sessions cd. Like all the others, it is wonderful. I listen to their music daily and when I work out, I listen exclusively to the MLT music. I think the reason for that is that their music is so fresh and alive. Mona and Lisa sing beautifully, they play all of their instruments with great skill and their sound is so infectious! Listening to the MLT music make me happy. They nail the covers that they do. Their original songs are some of my all time favorite songs. Listening to their duo sessions recordings is like being in a small room with them when they’re just playing and singing. I also love watching the videos of them playing and singing. They have such a captivating presence, whether they are on stage performing or alone somewhere doing a duo session recording. One of the really nice things about having all of their cds is that even when they were 11-12 years old, you knew that they were special. Hearing them evolve more and more with each cd is such a fun experience and it’s made all the more fun by being able to watch videos of them playing and singing, even from those very early years. I wish that I had discovered The Mona Lisa Twins many years ago, rather than just this year, but as the saying goes, it’s better late than never. My days are now filled with extra happiness and fun because of Mona and Lisa and their wonderful music. They have even inspired me to start playing and singing again…I need a lot of practice! LOL! That’s just how they effect me. Mona and Lisa, I feel confident that I speak for all of the MLT club members when I say that we love you guys and we love your music! Please keep doing what you’re doing…and I’d still like to see you put out a dvd or your performances, whether duo sessions or stage performances.

  14. Joseph Manzi (verified owner)

    Mona and Lisa. This is a great cd. I loved that you did the recording with just two instruments. Usually Guitars and Bass. Your voices really sounded good on all renditions of all the songs. The Beatles, The Who, Joni Mitchell, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, Manfred Mann and Pink Floyd. I really enjoyed your version of From Both Sides Now, I’m Looking Through You, Pretty Flamingo, Baby’s In Black and It Ain’t ME Babe. Almost forgot I really enjoyed your original music too. Close To You, All About Falling In Love and Sweet Lorraine. I really love the words to your songs. It’s important too that you write and record your own material. You want to branch out and do your own songs..

  15. Arminiy Vambery

    Just listened to the album.. oh girls.. it’s so warm in my heart now.. tks for the option to say to you abt it.. to thank you for your talent gifted to ppl.. to thank you for your thoughts and feelings shared.. you are very beautiful and clever.. tks to your parents as well.. to rise up good children is smth..


    Stay groovy ?

  16. Johnny (verified owner)

    Beautifully crafted album where covers and originals blend harmoniously. A real treat! Hopefully soon we’ll be treated to a UK tour!

  17. KEITH M PARTRIDGE (verified owner)

    You two and your music have been the total, shining bright spots of this raging crapstorm I live in, otherwise known as 2020. God Bless you and what you do to lift my spirits-I know you must do the same for others. Your albums, music and videos are my escape and I don’t take advantage of that nearly enough. Take care-love ya both. Stay happy!

  18. Philip Clover (verified owner)

    Every single track is a gem – arguably at the very least comparable if not better in some cases than the originals?
    They may be old familiar songs but the production and performance makes them sound as fresh as newly released brand new songs with all the excitement of hearing them for the very first time… over and over!!
    Just a couple of track mentions – The definitive version of Imagine is Lennon, even he couldn’t replicate that in his own other versions – nor has anyone else for that matter! But you came reasonably close to capturing the theme.. Lola was never a fave Kinks track for me, but this rendition is just fabulous and far and away better. Baby’s in Black, Good Day Sunshine, Wish You Were Here… brilliant….this list goes on and on …. AND then your own self penned songs fit in perfectly within the track listing.
    This album is truly delightful and a treat for listening in any environment – great in the car!!
    Although we can view the performances on YouTube and on the Club site, I would love to be able to purchase a Blu-ray / DVD of this album too in the due course of time.
    You girls (and supporting cast!) are truly amazing!

  19. SAMUEL H COPPEDGE (verified owner)

    I have playing this cd non stop since it arrived a month ago. What a perfect format for the Twins. I love all of the British Invasion music and my favorite band is The Who. The Twins rendition of The Kids Are Alright is the best ever. I look forward to the next project by The Mona Lisa Twins. I am a true fan

  20. Daniel Lovaglio

    You two girls just keep amazing me. I turn 70 this August 23rd. so I remember when the Beatles came out on the scene. I lived in New York so I was there when it all was going down.

    • William Harris (verified owner)

      Love the music and the cover…reminds me of the Revolver cover…one of my favorites!

  21. Kevin

    About eight years ago I started taking guitar lessons. I’m 66 years old and always played around with the guitar but never seriously. So I decided I’d try to get better.

    My teacher was a guy my age so we both grew up with the Beatles and the whole British Invasion. One of the songs I’ve always loved and that I wanted to learn was Bus Stop by the Hollies.

    So he showed me the chords and the opening lick. As I was home practicing I decided to look on line for some helpful hints. One of the first links that came up was two females one of which had orange hair. So I decided to see how they played the song.

    After seeing that video (and then a couple of more of theirs) I wrote to my son and daughter and told them, “I have just found my new favorite pop group!!”

    Great harmonies, good song selection and presentation and also good guitar work. I’ve purchased several Mona Lisa albums and have been happy with them all. The Duo Sessions continues the trend. There’s a lovely happiness that comes through on everything I’ve heard so far. Please don’t lose that.

  22. H. Thomas Fones (verified owner)

    Well – there are three songs which i never would have selected as tribute material..

    1st the bad.
    Good Day Sunshine just isn’t on my Beatles fave list.
    Joni Mitchell did some hauntingly beautiful songs, but Both Sides Now is the one song that we
    heard enough on the radio way back when. Even though it was Judy Collins.
    I am sure that i am in the minority here.

    Now the good.
    The third song i would have never selected is Here Comes the Sun – because you just can’t beat perfection.
    But damn if you ladies haven’t done it. Great way to end the album too.

    No one needs a picture of me. But thanks for asking!

  23. Tony D. (verified owner)

    Just like your preveous CDs you continue to be story tellers which I have said in the past has been something lost in today’s music. The talent that I hear in each piece whether your music or another’s is amazing. My first post a while back stated you are filling this old rock soal and still continue to do so. My true hope is that you can one day stand with legends such as Heart. Mona and Lisa I believe that you are building or repairing a bridge to bring back what has been lost. Never stop, never give up. Take it to the limit!

    • Debi Barrett

      Your music is so beautiful

  24. paul bishop (verified owner)

    although the entire album is great i still just love your harmonies on all the beatles covers. your version of “i’m looking through you” is second only to the beatles. i’m continually amazed by how 2 female voices perfectly capture the male harmonies of john & paul and your inclusion of george’s guitar hooks are spot on. your versions of “it ain’t me babe” and “the kids are alright” are also exceptional and great choices for you to sing.

  25. Joseph A. Merrill III (verified owner)

    Another stunningly good album. I grew up listening to Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and Haydn. The Beetles at first did not interest me. I remember the day the Music Died when three young and destined for greatness musicians were killed in a plane crash. I got interested in Rock when a revised edition of Hang on Sloppy came out in 1965 sung by The McCoys.
    You two are building on steps made by many great musicans. Build your lives and keep on growing in talent and knowledge of what came before. Build a catalog of music that will stand the test of time for yourselves, your family and all your followers.

    • André Niepceron (verified owner)

      Hi Mona, Hi Lisa,
      Since I met “your path” in 2014, I have been fascinated by your musical achievements (and videos); I am impressed with the amount of work you are doing. Often, with each new thing I think that you have reached perfection ….. and with your next work, you still progress. What happiness, your musical journey!
      You two are ….. unique

  26. Alan Oller (verified owner)

    I really have enjoyed the album and I appreciate that you sent the digital version so I could listen on my phone right away…I loved Both Sides Now first but other songs on the album are jumping out at me…There is nothing I don’t like and is one of the few albums that I like every song…Thank you for being who you are and keep up the good work… Absolutely love your harmonies… Something siblings do best…

  27. john rieberger (verified owner)

    Another great CD I can’t get enough of your music. Would hope to see you live some day soon!

  28. Norman Blackmore (verified owner)

    I love listening to this CD on the drive up to the cottage (Muskoka, Ontario, Canada)

    • Jacki Hopper (verified owner)

      Ah, another MLT Canucker member on here, Gidday EH???

  29. Benny (verified owner)

    I love the CD, it’s In my car and I listening to it every day…? I love you Girls and your Music.

  30. George Sherriffs (verified owner)

    In addition to all the positive feedback, all I can sya is that this album is a thing of great beauty.
    Beautiful voices, beautiful musicianship, beautiful songs, presented by two beautifully hearted sisters who kindly share their talents and love for real quality in music. To the others – it’s a no-brainer – buy their other albums, you will love them. Thank you Mona and Lisa for allowing us to hear your voices. Music as it should be, we are blessed. I hope we all get the chance to hear you at a live gig in the not too distant!

  31. Adam Blackwelder (verified owner)

    It’s so nice to hear Mona and Lisa recording stripped-down versions of some covers and originals. I felt as if they were singing and playing at a front porch or in front of an evening campfire. To be honest, this was the first Cd in which I’ve heard a couple of their original songs and I love them! I’ll definitely purchase their CDs or originals sometime in the future! Mona and Lisa, I’ve loved everything I’ve heard from you and I’m lookin forward to more in the future.

  32. Roger McEwen (verified owner)

    Found the Mona Lisa Twins on YouTube purely by accident and from there it has been a fantastic journey. My real favourites are Wish You Were Here and Starman. The videos are absolutely stunning. Fantastic; can’t wait for the next issue?

    • Terry Campbell (verified owner)

      The Duo Sessions is awesome. Love the sweet harmonies and your own lead vocals. Your take on some classic songs are so good. Love the guitars and the strip down sound. I hope that somewhere down the line you will do another Duo Sessions. Looking forward to the next “new material”!

  33. Kelly Griffin (verified owner)

    Wow, I’ve been a huge Mona Lisa Twins fan for years and have since turned many of my friends into fans. The duo sessions surpassed my expectations (the package arrived with so many unexpected surprises). The performance on every song sounds like it was recorded with love and respect for the originals. These girls can do no wrong. Being 63 years old I am so impressed to hear a fresh take on these wonderful songs I grew up with. Inspiring. Keep it up Mona & Lisa. You two make me smile 8 days a week. ? since you’ve made me smile, I’m going to give you a smile. I am attaching a picture of my Dog “Sgt. Pepper”

    • Lisa

      Thank you SO MUCH, Kelly! And please give your adorable 4-legged friend the biggest squeeze from the two of us ♥

  34. Alan Bailey (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed this CD. Great harmonies and guitar playing

  35. Frank Attiliol (verified owner)

    This is our favorite album. We listen to it all year long, “Christmas in July”!
    Good guitar tones on the Gretsch and Strat. Great vocals has Lennon and McCartney magic.

  36. Jim Sprance (verified owner)

    Hey Guys…of all the great stuff you have done over the years, I think I might like this album the best. As a guitarist myself it has inspired me to rediscover my Alvarez 12-string and learn most of the tunes. As my friends from Abba would say…Thank You For The Music!!!! Please come to the States !!!

    • Lisa

      That makes us so happy to hear, please keep playing! ♥

  37. Don Hines

    I’ve got quite a collection of your work. You breath life into every “favorite song” you’ve taken the time to resurrect. I know of another very talented artist; “The Resurrectionist”, who does cut paper collages. I think I will see if I can commission her to do a Mona -Lisa Twins tribute. Yes I do so love to hear those oldies but goodies with the freshness you present them. Still trying to fit your club into my budget. But yes, I’m a forever fan.

    • Christopher Kennedy (verified owner)

      I have Duo Sessions , Orange and Vol. 3 , and I can’t stop playing them ! Your covers and originals are fantastic ! Best harmony ever ! Thank you !

  38. Alex (verified owner)

    A very great album, with acoustic songs. I love “Imagine” and “here comes the sun”. Buy it, it’ sure !!

  39. Robert Box (verified owner)

    I have The Duo Sessions CD in my vehicle’s CD player. It plays while I drive and I have been listening to it for several weeks now. It’s so nice to hear Mona and Lisa singing while driving.

  40. Edward J Medhurst (verified owner)

    Another great CD from this pair, whatever they sing they don’t put a note wrong. They could sing The Telephone Directory and it would sound great

  41. Mike Jones (verified owner)

    Another great CD.

  42. Peggy Fowler (verified owner)

    I’ve loved all three of the cd’s I’ve purchased so far. (One of them lives in my vehicle and I listen to it over and over.) I love hearing songs from my past past with a new twist and wonderful voices. I especially love the Beatle’s music but they are all great. I’m also glad to see there were a few of the Mona Lisa Twins own music on here. I can’t say enough about how much I love their music.

  43. David Patton (verified owner)

    Love it! 2 extremely talented ladies with great covers and original material. They just keep getting better and better.

  44. Kurt (verified owner)

    Junge frische Musik. Ich liebe sie, so funki und groofi.
    Young fresh music. I love them, so funki and groovi

  45. Duane (verified owner)

    beautiful, musically gifted and voices like angels..what more could anyone want

  46. Eric Kulz

    Heard a number of your covers on Youtube, and enjoyed them a lot (especially Wish You Were Here). But your original material is really outstanding!!! Really good songwriting, and flawless vocals!!! Looking forward to making my way through all of your catalog. Thanks for freshining up my music collection!!

  47. Sverre Brynning

    I just purchased “Beatles and more” vol 2 and 3 and “Orange” as downloads. I was very pleased. I’ve played a lot of Beatles myself through the years. Watching your videos on Youtube, brings back a lot of good memories and is really enjoyble. And it is so liberating to see your generation perform it with such joy and with great professionalism. And with allmost no special effects. So pure and unvarnished and true to the originals. And in “Orange” you even bring the legacy further. I’m impressed. I would love to watch you live some day. Please let me know if any gigs is coming up.

    Thank you.

    Sverre Brynning, Norway.

  48. John Leonard (verified owner)

    another great cd from the mlt team. i find myself listening to it at least once a week. i am particularly impressed by your versions of old songs.
    the stand out for me is both sides now. i remember the original and was not a fan but i really enjoy it now after listening to your version a few dozen times.
    another stand out is pretty flamingo. i don’t know how many of your fans are older but i remember when the original was released. i enjoyed it but had forgotten about it after so much time. i appreciate you bringing it back to me.
    i also love your take on i’m looking through you and here comes the sun.
    thank you for the songs and the memories they generated.

  49. Melvin Schofield (verified owner)

    So good to suddenly receive the announcement of this CD one dreary lockdown morning. It gives another great mix of of covers and stripped-down versions of original songs. As always, everything is immaculately played and sung, with that “sibling harmonies” factor in the vocals. The covers are all well-known songs from the ’60s and ’70s, but the girls always put their own spin on them, rather than slavishly sticking to the original arrangements. A particular stand-out for me is their take on Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here” – perhaps a somewhat ‘heavier’ song compared to the more usual breezy material but, as always, beautifully done.

    MLT are just such a breath of fresh air – keep it coming!

  50. Dieter Mohr (verified owner)

    Ich bin begeistert! Eure CD’s kann man blind kaufen. Die Covers von den Beatles (meisterhaft) und anderer Musik-Größen auf “The Duo Sessions” sind stimmlich und instrumental einfach perfekt. Ich freue mich schon jetzt auf Eure nächste CD – egel ob Covers oder eine neue “Eigene”. Weiterhin viel Erfolg und – bleibt gesund.

  51. Lyn Lockhart (verified owner)

    Great songs sung by two lovely young ladies. We’re both in our young 70s and stumbled across you on FB. We love your rendition of our old favs The Beatles, other old songs and your new tracks. We now have Orange and Duo Sessions. Think you should be mainstream songsters. Very professional and we wish you a happy sparkling future.

  52. Don “Mitch” Mitchell (verified owner)

    As always, you music is just superb. Love this along with all of your recordings (which I own all). So glad I stumbled across you guys. Gives me new music to listen to. Thanks so very much

  53. Paul Haywood (verified owner)

    Heard about these two girls after someone put up a link of them playing Wish You Were Here, was well impressed, decided to buy the album and glad I did, very professional and nice to hear old songs revived, keep on playing.

  54. Stan Lounsbury (verified owner)

    I love these fabulous young women. Their take on the classics are amazing. I especially enjoy their treatment of Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here.

  55. Les stevens (verified owner)

    The songs the two ladies picked for this album are stunning. Sound quality & professionalism are amazing. Please don’t worry, You will love this album so it’s fullest and listen to it over and over again.we play cuts from it all the time on our radio station and people really love it. Thanks Mona Lisa twins!!

  56. Frank O’Keeffe (verified owner)

    From the moment I saw you posting acoustic videos I hoped you would release them on an album and my prayers were answered, and here it is. What a phenomenal collection of music it is.You’re covers are on par if not better in most cases to the originals but my favourite tracks on this are “Close toYou” and “Sweet Lorraine”. Your talent as musicians and vocalists is just growing and growing with each album and long may it continue. I must also compliment the engineer ,producer, your Dad for his work on this which is just perfection. Well done guys, keep up the great work.

  57. Guy Pekcitt (verified owner)

    This CD is like a ray of sunshine, warming us up during this Covid Calamity.
    I wish I lived near where you play, I’d love to see you in person. You girls Rock!

  58. scott bayne (verified owner)

    This is an acoustic album, which in many ways shows just what truly skilled musicians Lisa and Mona really are; just utilizing uke and guitars and thier voices, (and a cajon!) they have crafted a beautiful album of classic songs….

  59. Steven Page (verified owner)

    This is my forth CD from the MonaLisa Twins, and again , they have turned out a diverse, beautiful, and highly enjoyable collection of songs highlighting their perfect harmonies, and excellent musicianship. I was delighted to see covers of songs by Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd, the Who, The Kinks, Manfred Mann and of course, the Beatles. Every song is worth enjoying, and the only complaint is that it was not a two CD package. Please get back to work on your next collection. We are happily waiting.

  60. Gerald (Jerry) Gilmore (verified owner)

    I discovered you ladies first on Facebook and ordered a CD. Don’t remember which one I got first, but fell in love with your music. I am 69 so can connect with most of your song remakes. Love the Duo Sessions CD and for some reason that day I was thinking of the song “Baby’s in Black” by the Beatles. Maybe I had glanced at the playlist and it stuck in my mind. Anyway it came up and I had not heard it in years. Love the CD. Will buy more in the future. Love your renditions of songs I remember from years gone by.

  61. Ferdinand Wolfe (verified owner)

    This was not the first CD that I have purchased and enjoyed listening to the music.

  62. TJ Andrews (verified owner)

    Great cd! It’s a pleasure to watch you mature as artists.

  63. Cenydd (verified owner)

    I love all the tracks on this Album, and now so do my Degu. If thy don’t know the lyrics by now, thy are not the intelligent rodents they are supposed to be as I play it so often. If I have to make a critisism it is only that ‘Sweet Lorraine’ is the same version that is on Orange, a different take on it would have been nice although it is definitely one of my favourites of the twins own work, wickedly funny. Also I can’t get the album info to update on media player, but both these points are me being picky so the ladies do not get big heads by the well deserved praise I should be thowing at them.

  64. Roy Cutts (verified owner)

    The Duo Sessions is an outstanding album with glorious harmonies, a must have if you like The MonaLisa twins.
    A great album to help you through these troubled times. Favourite track if pushed would be John Lennons Imagine.
    Buy it buy it now you will not be disappointed

  65. Roger Phillipd (verified owner)

    I love the vocals and music. The classic music is fab but your originals are spectacular !

  66. Neal Anderson (verified owner)

    I loved this stripped down production. More intimate. “It Ain’t Me Babe” is a standout. Overall high quality and well-composed originals too.
    I would add that their sound is “growing up.”
    Still cute but definitely a mature sound. Highly recommended!

  67. John Mills (verified owner)

    Having grown up in the ’60s I love the way in which the MLT have recreated some of the sounds and rhythms of that era. It’s encouraging to find very talented young musicians who have appreciated the music of that era – particularly their interpretation of the Beatles music. I love this Duo Sessions album, as I do the Orange album and the MLT Play Beatles and More album. I’m so pleased that I have discovered the music of this gifted and attractive musical duo.

  68. Tim Pate (verified owner)

    I have all your other albums and this one is different, but certainly did not disappoint. Great effort and was worth the price.

  69. Neil Calder (verified owner)

    The girls’ voices are wonderfully harmonised, not unlike Agnetha and Anni-Frid of bygone days. Love both the covers and original tracks.

    • Jörg Schlienkamp (verified owner)

      Ich bin begeistert von eurer Art der Interpretation der Beatles Songs. Auch die Musik der Zeitgenossen wie Kinks etc höre ich -von euch interpretiert – sehr gerne. Ein bekannter Autor -Frank Goosen bezeichnet euch in seinem Buch ” THE BEATLES “… “erfrischend hingegen die Mona Lisa Twins …,die in ihren Cover – Versionen nah an den Originalen und doch ganz eigenständig sind” KIWI S. 143

  70. Thomas Byrnes (verified owner)

    The MLT Duo Sessions proves that great songs, in the hands of two marvelous singers/musicians, don’t need much to make them extremely enjoyable and uplifting to the spirit. Like all of your recordings, this makes me smile and changes my grumpy mood to pleasure at hearing such gorgeous singing and expert playing. The only other group that I can say that about is The Beatles, and that’s not flattery, just truth. It’s hard to pick out just 2 or three faves but I’ll say, “All About Being In Love”, “Sweet Lorraine”, “Both Sides Now” and “Tonight You Belong To Me” make my smile even wider. Love it!

    • Ken Bradshaw (verified owner)

      I got to say I absolutlely enjoyed the Duo Sessions. I am upto date with all your Albums now and I continue to play them whenever and wherever I can. As a DJ, I like to include them in my Playlists. Ive even included them in some of the Music Quizes that I do too. So thats creating some Interest.
      Keep up the good work ladies. Hopefully when this Covid Virus had dissapeared we might get a chance to see you perform live. I would seriously Love that.
      Kindest Regards

  71. Robert Fendt (verified owner)

    I was so excited when the fabulous MonaLisa Twins Duo Sessions signed CD dropped through my letter box a few weeks ago. What a fantastic album which shows the extraordinary talent of MLT their amazing voices and harmonies also that they are wonderful musicians. Just like all of MLT ‘s music I love the Duo Sessions.

    • Richard Dubieniec (verified owner)

      I like all your cover albums. Consistently good standard, and I’ve ejoyed the covers from the variety of inspirations, that collectively reinforce your talent. Look forward to the next….. in the meantime your voices echo round an arts centre in the middle of france.

    • Robin Hoyles (verified owner)

      Really enjoyable album.

  72. Keith Lindsay (verified owner)

    This is a lovely collection of tracks. A feelgood album for sure.

  73. Jim Williams (verified owner)

    I can’t add much to all the great reviews below, particularly Jacki’s which says it all for each track. You know when you get a song that plays over and over in your head and you can’t get rid of it? Well, in my case I now get that with all these songs and it is not a problem! If you love Mona and Lisa, or if you are new to them, I defy you not to love this album.

  74. Tom Westley (verified owner)

    I was wondering what to listen to whilst cutting out yet another guitar body, when the doorbell went. On the doorstep was a parcel and inside the parcel was “The Duo Sessions”. Must be fate I thought, obvious what to listen to now.
    Bit of a problem though, I kept stopping to listen to the music. So instead of taking the usual 20 minutes it took an hour and a bit.
    Definitely worth the extra time and can’t wait for the next one.
    Keep it up ladies and more original songs please.

  75. Michael Jones (verified owner)

    Just received this CD and have really enjoyed listening to it, simple arrangements with outstanding vocals and musicianship, great job MLT as always!

  76. Ari Raki (verified owner)

    I love all your cover albums but this I love the most. The intimate sound of two guitars and those lovely voices is really wonderful. I listen album mostly at late nights when here in Finland is not so dark at this time of year. The are chosen very well and what´s best your own songs fits so well with those classics. all the songs and versions are fine but if I´m forced to name my favorites they would be “It Ain´t Me Babe”, Both Sides Now”, “Wish You Were Here” and “Here Comes The Sun”. Excellent album !!

  77. Jacki Hopper (verified owner)

    Wow …!!!!…. I knew I was in for a humdinger dandy music treat, when I purchased this … Beyond stoked, and then some…
    The artwork deprecation on the front inside and back of CD cover, is creative brilliance in itself….whimsical, quirky, eye catching, an added Bonus.

    Now onto the CD itself:

    Though a few songs off of here, I will admit was not quite familiar with or not at all, but happy to hear MLT’s take, while others were like old friends reunited with me. This particular showcasing of a more simplistic , raw fresh approach to the songs allows the harmonies and instrumentation, as well as arrangements to really come strongly throughout, blending each song it’s own story to convey, though still reminiscent of the original, Team MLT add that layer of their intertwining musical gifts to yet, take it a tad further to ensure their own spin on things . It cultivates a whole new appreciation, of classic 60s, with nourishment of tunes to take root , to grow…

    1) Good Day Sunshine~ Beatles…. The uniqueness of the vocals really puts oomph into this one, and the accompaniment of the perfect instrumentation truly sunshine appeal, how you can genuinely smile while singing this .

    2) The Kids Are Alright~ The Who …This is a song I was not familiar with, or if I was had not heard it in ages, but enjoyed the velocity of which the song was paced at, and absolute stellar rhythmic beat to it, kudos on percussion, drums, guitars on this … Indeed , Alright…to my musical ears.!!

    3) It Ain’t Me Babe~Bob Dylan… You made Bob proud with this rendition, and the harmonica/bluesharp flavoring, added a nice zip and zing, and vocal wise, it sounded most pleasing.

    4) Close To You~MLT Original off Orange CD… I loved this off Orange and even in acoustic form it still resonates just as powerful, the lyrics, vocalizations, the delivery of song, played instrumentally, so beautifully enriching.

    5) Tonight You Belong To Me~Bill Rose/Lee David… This fun song, just screamed for Team MLT to cover, it sounds like you’re back in time, in a flapper club or supper club somewhere, the gals in their beautiful dresses, hairstyles, etc (reminiscent to what was worn in their video for the cover of Maxwell Hammer), they perfected the groove for this song, capturing its essences spot on, an oldie but MLTBuzzLuvGroovy Goody !!

    6) Both Sides Now~Joni Mitchell… Wow to cover an Canadian Folk Legend icon such as Joni, and with this song, Joni, you should be in awe by this version, I know I sure am… Not exactly a straight forward choice to do with the up and down of low and high notes, etc. , yet Mona and Lisa pull it off exquisitely so, with amazing conviction, sends goosebumps going while listening…Yes, in utter awe by this.

    7) Imagine~John Lennon…A universal song of John’s that’s been covered by many, played in all circumstances, etc. , since he came out with it when he had. For me , MLT’s version picks up where John left off as it just effectively stokes our souls with its lyrics reverberated for all to listen, think, do…Wonderfully crafted, Well done !!

    8) All About Falling In Love~MLT Original from their “When We’re Together” CD Album… This heartfelt song, perfect for a wedding , wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, fills one up with emotions, lovingly conveyed, and the richness of the harmonies here offers that extra , and the simplicity of music, really touches one when heard.

    9) Tired of Waiting For You~ The Kinks…Yet another unfamiliar tune for me but really enthusiastically was drawn to it, because if how it was done, with the Team MLT Groovy Music Magic. Loved the musicianship offerings on this, you have to tap toes, tap a chair, sing, along with them, you can’t help it, it’s that good !!

    10) Baby’s In Black~Beatles…Something just bizarre occurs whenever MLT do Beatles…it’s like they’re reliving the actual Beatles era, channeling that era energy through themselves for us to enjoy, and rightfully so, again scored big thumbs up with this performance, You betcha .

    11) Pretty Flamingo~ Manfred Man.. Again another unfamiliar to me but loved it from getgo of hearing it, and having that harmonica/bluesharp essence just deepened the vibe to a most stellar level, spectacular… WooHoo !!

    12) Sweet Lorraine ~MLT Original from their ” Orange” CD…A quirky, whimsical winner here, delightfully done, and even acoustically, still hits that home run, and entices the imagination to visualize what’s going on as it’s being sung, awesome stuff.

    13) I’m Looking Through You~ Beatles… Once more another one, unfamiliar to me but a welcoming to my ears, the style played, vocal arrangements, instrumentation all blends together to have a music recipe treat, that all can enjoy a piece of.

    14) Wish You Here~ Pink Floyd… Now this song, MLT’s take, for that all that’s going on in our world, this is most fitting. A classic of it’s own PF merit, when it was MLT’s turn to tackle and reveal what happened…Utter poignancy with utmost genuineness to come from such a superb song choice and calibre of effort put forth. Much Appreciated !!

    15) Here Comes The Sun~Beatles…started off the CDcwith a Sun song, only proper to end off with another…this was a fine choice to choose to try. I’ve heard some good cover attempts, such as Denny Doherty , and proud to say, this take ranks up there with Denny’s in my view, Give yourselves a round of applause….Yippee !!

    Overall , this fab collection of splendid cover song varieties, is a complete worthwhile investment for your music library, sing alongable, air guitar and drumming/percussion , air harmonica/bluesharping, feel good, Positivity Inducing. Thankyou for having the foresight to put this together for all to enjoy. When you set your creative music goals on a project, you go all out and beyond to produce a worthy, fulfilling CD of music that generations can enjoy !! I am but truly, MLTBuzzLuvGroovified … Perfection…5 *****Rating, 100% Lifetime Guarantee !!!!

    • Howard Bedwell (verified owner)

      Well done Jacki. A nice, honest review.

  78. Stephen Krogh (verified owner)

    the Twins right in front of you playing and singing your favorite songs at your local coffee shop! Can you imagine?!! This album is a dream come true. Simply sublime. Buy it — you’ll love it!

  79. Rick Twomey (verified owner)

    Well I’m gonna try it again…I just had quite a lot wrote down and it all just suddenly disappeared…when I first opened the box ( ordered 10) I looked for the autograph…didn’t see it… I got settled into my chair and turned on the light and there it was cleverly hiding in silver colored ink …I thought damn those two girls are geniuses adding their signatures without compromising the integrity of the great artwork of the cover itself…BRILLIANT…Mona your “drumming” on The Kids Are Alright was something fabulous..I wish you had a video on that one….Lisa…again no video but I believe it’s you on the lead vocal of Both Sides Now….superb performance..I remember that song as a huge platinum Top 10 for Judy Collins in 1967…I was 17 and I really liked her recording…I didn’t know Joni Mitchell was the songwriter…nevertheless…your rendition Lisa of Both Sides Now really got to’s amazing how you girls can take a 50 year old Mega hit and MAKE IT BETTER….you are amazing….your original Close To You is touching and heartfelt because I think everyone has experienced in one way or another what you wrote about…I personally have in the summer of 1971 memories that never die….Mona..again no video…is that you doing lead vocal on Sweet Lorraine…again the words of your song ringing true with love and heartbreak ….THANK YOU for this collection of songs.

  80. Richard Ross (verified owner)

    OMG this is fabulous.
    That intro for Sweet Lorraine is a killer.
    Like she’s sneaking up on someone.
    You have something very special here. It will break all records for sales ever. Your all gift of music is quite special. You have a touch that sets you apart from all the rest. What a Prolific idea that was all those years to remain independent. Your getting to do something that no one else is doing, record and write new music. Even. Having released a New Album.
    Wish You Were Here has become an anthem during this strange time.
    Love all the clues on the cover.
    Lisa, that was nice to let Mona work on the design just a little.?
    Great job Team MLT ?❤

  81. Robert Blume (verified owner)

    I just received my copy today. We’ve talked so much about the music on this album as each track was done for the club. It’s all been said. And it’s great, of course. But I want to add a comment on the recording itself. For me, the sound just jumps off the CD like crazy. My album collection runs into the thousands (I’m a compulsive collector). And I can’t think of very many I own that are as clear and vibrant as this one (even on my very average stereo system). It’s pretty awesome to be as musically talented as MLT. It’s the cherry on the sundae to be presented on recordings as well engineered as this.

    Seattle Bob

  82. Tomás F. Calvo (verified owner)

    Tiny Desk Concerts shrink next to The Duo Sessions, which raise the bar -way- up high. If you’re Tired Of Waiting for good music from the industry, say “Good Day Sunshine” ‘cause Here Comes The Sun. Baby may be In Black, but This Ain’t canned, Babe. This LIVE format separates the wheat from the chaff, the Stars from the hacks. The Kids Are Alright, but the Twins are Alight! Pretty Flamingos on fire, we’re All About Falling In Love with these Sweet Liverpudlians, oh! how we Wish You Were Here. I’m Looking Through the brilliant artwork, reminded how us mortals can only Imagine true artistry. I’m keeping this album Close To me, playing Both Sides Now, ‘cause Tonight You Belong To Me.

  83. Jim Freeman

    Absolutely Love you Girl! The harmony, instrument talent, so fricking cute, everything! Really enjoy your own music and the Magic Bus video! One request, could you cover George Harrison’s song Beware of Darknes? You two would be Great on that one!

  84. Michael Schuhmacher

    Play the CD! If you got a bit fantasy and, maybe, a guitar, sit down, close your eyes and imagine: it’s a warm summer evening, you’re sitting mit Mona, Lisa, some other friends and a bottle Redwine round a campfire! And now play and sing along with them! You will find out, it is fantastic!!!!!
    MICHAEL from munich

    • Garry R Moore

      I want Duo on VINYL!!!

  85. Thomas Randall (verified owner)

    Another MonaLisa Twins must have is the “Duo Sessions”! The girls love the 60’s and here is even more proof of that! Fantastic renditions of some of the greatest 60’s songs ever made, everything from The Beatles to The Kinks to Patience and Prudence to Pink Floyd to The Who to John Lennon to Manfred Mann / Mark Barkan to Joni Mitchell and even several of their own great original tunes!

    As always the sound quality of this CD is perfect and the girls have never sounded better! Their amazing harmonies are on full display and of course the musicianship is top notch! They even designed and drew the CD cover!

    Go ahead, order it! You know you want to! Thank me later! See you in the MLT club!

  86. Jung Roe (verified owner)

    The MonaLisa Twins Club Duo Sessions album is especially special and close to the heart for me because these are all of the acoustic version songs Mona and Lisa released exclusively for the MLT Club since the Club started in October of 2018. And it is very rewarding and proud to see this album come together like this after so many months (20) made up of all these songs the Club members joyfully celebrated with Mona and Lisa as they released them individually over the many months through the life of the Club.

    Each song is so intimate as it is stripped down to just Mona and Lisa’s beautiful vocals and 2 guitars, so raw and pure, really spotlighting their individual rich and diverse vocals and their incredibly beautiful and moving harmonies, and all this matched to their superbly talented musicianship with intricate guitar work and other instruments like the blues harp makes for an absolute second to none brilliant album. I personally think what makes Mona and Lisa stand out from “the pack” including their heroes, the Beatles and other legends, is their incomparable breathtaking and beautiful harmonies that is captured in abundance in this album. The flow from song to song in the album is also so perfectly arranged like a bridge across them all, it makes you believe it wasn’t just coincidence.

    Each and every song on the album is a gem that can stand on its own as the best performed version ever with the covers, and their originals are some of the finest new rock/pop songs written period.

    Some of the highlights on the album for me are:

    “Both Sides Now” – Joni Mitchell cover and “Imagine – John Lennon cover: As a singer, Lisa is one of the finest and most diverse female singers ever with vocals of remarkable depth and beauty. It really shines in “Both Sides Now”, as well as John Lennon’s masterpiece “Imagine”. I love her range going from the lows to the highs; her vocals have wonderful color in the realm of a Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. Lisa’s lead vocals does proud justice to these two songs, and I personally prefer MLTs version over the originals.

    “Sweet Lorraine” – MonaLisa Twins original. This is one of my favourite songs on their Orange Album, and I’ve been waiting for ages for their video, but their acoustic version of this on the album and Duo Session video to come at the MLT Club more than satisfies, and I enjoy this version even more! It has a captivating guitar beat riff right off the bat, quickly taken over by Mona’s exquisite lead vocals with so much character. She can do any rock songs ever created since the 60s and do cool magnificent justice to them like the Kinks “you Really Got Me”. Mona is one of the finest female rock/pop singers ever, what a duo with her sister! Lisa’s superb guitar riff continues throughout the song until toward the end when it’s taken over by the most wonderful howling guitar riffs, in place of the brass instruments in the studio version, and the guitar is so effective, and love Lisa’s harmonies that join in. I think this song can be a chart topper everywhere, and this acoustic version has the extra charm to do it.

    “Close To You” – MonaLisa Twins original. Another favourite from the Orange Album, a very intimate song of lost love and something we all go through in life, the realization that “good things don’t last” forever. The melody and lyrics are moving with a sense of pain and longing that resolves to peace with the consoling sentiment that it’s just natural, “good things don’t last”, in life just as we are born and we die. People come and go in our lives that we have no control over sometime. The poetic lyrics in this and other MLT originals like Count On Me remind me of a Bob Dylan kind of inspired poetic magic. Mona and Lisa’s beautiful singing and harmonies, and sweet guitar sounds throughout evoke much emotions in great beauty. Can really feel the passion and emotion in Lisa’s singing on this one, and beautiful matching harmonies from Mona. Another treasured gem from the inspired brilliant Orange original album

    “I’m Looking Through You” – Beatles cover. This is one of the lesser known gems on the Beatles “Rubber Soul” album, that Mona and Lisa took, removed some of the rough edges in the Beatles original and replaced it with their graceful vocals and harmonies, raising it to another level. It’s transformed into an elegant rock song while staying true to the raw spirit of the original, making it all their own. The guitar riffs throughout are awesome, mated to their wonderful harmonies, and the unique ending is a nice touch. Cover is brilliant!

    “Tired of Waiting” – Kinks cover. Apparently Ray Davies of the Kinks heard both MLT’s cover of this and “You Really Got Me” on the BAM 3 album, and was impressed enough to reach out to Mona and Lisa and ask them to do a cover of “Lola” to mark the 50th birthday of this song earlier in June 2020 (video on youtube). Enough said? As with any cover the ladies do, they have a knack at transforming a famous classic, breathing new life into it with their magic, making it all their own and elevating it to new heights for the world to rediscover. MLT have done that here with “Tired of Waiting”. I love Mona’s passionate lead vocals, Lisa’s superb guitar work, and those sublime harmonies. I love MLTs version!

    Many of the songs in the awesome album are featured in Duo Session performance videos exclusive only for MLT Club Members. As you’ve seen from some of the Duo Session videos that were released on Youtube, these performances are like live private recitals where you get to see all the passion in Mona and Lisa’s facial expressions as they play in a rare intimate setting. You get to see and feel every intricate guitar note played , witness their musicianship at their finest. The MLT Club is worth it just for the Duo Sessions, and I highly recommend it to everyone. There is so much rich top notch exclusive content. Don’t miss out on this part of Mona and Lisa’s musical journey rise to fame, you may kick yourself for not being part of it later.

  87. John Rieberger

    I have all their CD’s they just keep getting better. thanks for the memories

  88. M Farlow (verified owner)

    I bought a copy of this album and have listened to all the songs [from download]. With some MLT originals mixed in with very fine covers, this is an excellent album worthy of a place in just about any collection let alone that of an MLT fan.


    I did not have time to do a track by track earlier – here it is;

    Track by track;

    Good day sunshine – Beatles – Cover

    This is a very jolly cover with a sense of fun in the vocals. The cover is confident and competent as is always the case in a MLT cover.

    The kids are alright – The Who – Cover

    This is a very well covered track! There is something about MLT singing this song that is just so right. There are a few differing versions of the song by The Who that are, as one would expect excellent. As a cover of the song it seems to me that this MLT version stands tall among others and taller than some.

    It ain’t me babe – Dylan – Cover

    The Bob Dylan original of this song is a track that held a special place in my mind! This MLT cover has joined the original. I have heard other versions of the song where I have had to stop listening a short way in as they don’t ‘work’ for me. The way that MLT play the tune is, for me at least, an interesting twist.

    Close to you – MLT – Original

    There is a certain joy in this song. The lyrics are playful and somewhat cheeky, yet serious enough. The tune kind of sways and is quite groovy in the MLT style. There is a clear 1960’s type vibe in the song too.

    Tonight you belong to me – Rose and David – Cover

    Many will remember this as a Frankie Laine song – he sang it slower. The song also featured in the movie ‘The Jerk’ with Steve Martin on Uke and a fun ending with Bernadette Peters on trumpet. This cover is closer to the Lennon Sisters or Patience and Prudence versions. I could not help but chuckle when I first heard the song sang this way and I think the MLT version is excellent. This version is fun and cheeky in a way only MLT can achieve.

    Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell – Cover

    Yes! I know many will remember this song performed by Judi Collins it was originally wrote by Mitchell though. There are many good covers of this song but for me this is one of, if not the, best. The speed of this cover seems closer to the Collins version. The way MLT cover the track is exceptional.

    Imagine – Lennon – Cover

    There is something wonderful about this song that many have debated about – both good and bad views. For many, including me, this is considered as one of the best songs ever. The way MLT cover the track is simply marvellous. Yeah! As a fan of MLT I would write that. I mean it though. Many people seem to go through the motions with hardly a spark of empathy or real feeling when singing this. In this version, I can here passion and confidence and the singers come across as meaningful [sorry cannot find other word for that].

    All about falling in love – MLT – Original

    The song is a beautiful tale of hope fuelled by loneliness. This is a song, no doubt, influenced by the Beatles covers that MLT have made with clear instrumentation, great harmonics and a gentle flow. I would recommend watching the video of this track available online too.

    Tired of waiting [for you] – The Kinks – Cover

    I have to say that my favourite version of this song is the original by The Kinks. Sorry girls! That written, this is a very competent cover that is a lot better than others I have heard. This cover is quite close in style to the original and very well done.

    Baby’s in black – Beatles – Cover

    This, simply put, is a very fine cover of the original. The cover is very ‘sound alike’ and sang with a seeming ease that many would find hard to emulate. The twins sing this so very well with fantastic harmony.

    Pretty Flamingo – Manfred Mann – cover

    This song is such a good option for MLT to cover and they do so really well. It would seem easy for me to be negative on a side by side comparison because the original is such a favourite of mine – well not really as I find this MLT cover fantastic.

    A bit of trivia; this song was actually written by Marcus [Mark] Barkan who was a song writer and producer. Mark was also a musical director for a whacky TV show called ‘The Banana Splits Adventure Hour’ that many of us ‘older’ MLT fans have a great fondness of memory for.

    Sweet Lorraine – MLT – Original

    Catchy and fun, this song is very well written both in lyrics and the music. From the MLT album ‘Orange’ this is one of the best songs the girls have written – then again all of their originals are great. This song is also very much influenced by 60’s ‘rock’.

    I’m looking through you – Beatles – Cover

    This cover has a somewhat different sound to the original but it is close! The MLT cover seems softer to me and I like it. The girls play and sing this song very well.

    Wish you were here – Pink Floyd – Cover

    This beautiful song is beautifully covered. I cannot find the words to describe how much I like this cover other than just beautiful.

    Here comes the sun – Beatles – Cover

    Who has not covered this? The song is very well played and sang by MLT. The harmony from the girls is amazing and their playing skills are to be held in high esteem.

  89. Robert Fendt (verified owner)

    Really happy to have received my copy of the Duo Sessions CD it’s brilliant I love it. Fantastic album and the album art is super Mona and Lisa x

  90. Leroy Vogrich (verified owner)

    the Twins are fantastic. Their harmonies hit me the right way, and a musical journey that I never thought could happen certainly does. Their Getting Better all the time (and cuter) So, So glad I got this album in my collection.

  91. Merril Stouder

    Loving your sound and music !!!!

  92. Frank De Giacomo (verified owner)

    Mona and Lisa release an album that is just the two of them playing live. The musicianship easily rivals the Beatles’ attempt at live recording with their Let It Be sessions. I can’t recommend highly enough joining their MLTClub to see the videos of them playing these songs as they’re recording. The vocals, guitars, drums and other instruments are simply fantastic, and the range of songs they cover with such talent is amazing. A splendid listening time is guaranteed for all!

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